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  1. 23 years in the wood industry. Left it in Sptember 2001. I watched my neighbor get a sprinkler system installed from my window. To stay in the industry I would need to move to the deep south. Not going to happen. So I bought a snow plow and got to work. That lead to a Hydo-seeder,vibra plow,dump truck,skid steer and this spring a Walker mower. We are in our fourth year now. I don't know why I waited so long. I love the bus the people and part of the winters off . We go to Mexico for two weeks in Jan. Our stock holders meeting don't you know. There's only two of us me and the wife. I would suggest that we hold an industry meeting there. It would be great to meet you guy's out there and put a face to everyone. If there is any interest will volenteer to put it together..

    Jim and Mary Roth
    "First Class Grass"

    Ps We get to look at Glacier Park every day!!!
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    My brother lives in Bigfork, just down the road from you. Actually they might be Kalispell now that they moved to the in-laws farm. I love the Flathead Valley. I was there for his wedding when Glacier was on fire. But still enjoyed the trip. Been there 6-7 times. Going again in August probably. Snowboarded Big Mountain and Blacktail years ago.
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    If I ever run away from home, Montana or even the big horns of Wyoming would be one of my first choices. You are lucky, working in a really nice part of the county.
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    My folks live in Plains. Really close to you! You got any Bobcat work you need done?
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    welcome to ls, wish i was your neighbor :)

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