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    Ok I guess I have to go into a little more detail as you guys talk about being terminated, and all of these other concerns lol. Firstly I am not just another laborer/lawn boy, I understand the business side of the business and know the ins and outs. I have experience managing people. The part I think you guys need to know is that the OWNER is my FATHER. I have been involved with the business sense it started and I do not like his business decisions over the last couple of years. I have tried to come up to him and talk to him, but how many fathers want business advice from their sons lol.

    I am involved with the business as almost a co owner sense (without being co owner) as everything I do and help do, so you can better understand when he decides to bail out or half ass it, I tend to get aggregated. Especially because the company has less then 5 employees. Three full time including him, and two part time female gardeners.

    We have built a decent business over the last 10 years, but I feel that might not be enough. Clients are always telling me they can't get a hold of my father and he won't answer his phone. Furthermore, he hasn't done much in the terms of advertising as his philosophy is "people will come to me if they want business" which is true, but I feel you should always be advertising.

    Thanks for any input guy, I was trying to get by without going into much detail but maybe I should have just gotten to it at the beginning.
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    Hey Mbt23
    Hello there from the big apple.
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    Well that explains a lot.

    If your father is unwilling to relinquish any control, it is probably time to part ways and venture off to start your own business. When you are ready to establish yourself as a business, sit down with your father and thank him for the opportunity he has provided for you all these years and then explain to him your desire to go out on your own to build something for yourself. Good luck.
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    Greetings from a Long Island transplant,now in the deserts of phx....anyhow,my worker try's to do a lot of things on the job HIS way which pisses me off,if I could find another decent worker he would be gone,a monkey could cut a yard,getting and keeping the customers,talking to them,setting up a route and actually getting paid for doing the work is stuff an employee doesn't have to worry about...just my 2 cents

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