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    Hello everyone, I started my lawn care business midsummer of 2012, I just mainly worked on getting all my ideas together for the following year. My mom hired me to take care of 3 of her rental properties. 2013 season came around and I advertised with some door hangers, craigslist, a website, adwords, so on so fourth. I grew from just my moms three properties to over 15 weekly customers by mid season. Most came from craiglist, a few from door hangers and adwords actually didn't get me any calls, but hey it was free.

    At that time I had a 50" toro timecutter, a 5x10 trailer, Chevy 2500hd, stilh fs90 trimmer, stihl hand blower and a cheap craftsman with a couple different attachments. Unfortunately, a lot went wrong in my personal life, and I was forced to drop the majority of my clients and focus on working more hours at my full time job to survive. This really bummed me out.

    This year I am back, and I am planning on going very strong, I still have my mothers three rental properties. Advertising I have done a lot more, Craigslist, website, flyers, newspaper add, google places, yellow pages, yelp, facebook, and other free internet advertising. I haven't had a lot of business flowing in, but I have already done a mulch job, and given three quotes for mowing. I have had calls for other work, but haven't' had any follow through yet.

    From being in business last year, I had money saved up, so this year I upgraded to a 2012 snapper pro s150x 48" deck, 21hp kawasaki. Only 70 hours on it. I couldn't be anymore happier with the purchase, and I am ready for the business to start rolling in.

    I had so advertising ideas for remainder of this year/next year.
    Flyers door to door
    Pens left at local businesses for people to take
    Business cards left at businesses
    Shirts with my info
    Truck lettering
    Direct mailing
    Here was an interesting idea I had, flyers door to door, with magnetic calenders to hold them to the doors.
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  2. trock

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    If you leave something on my door I would definitely call you! and tell you to stay off my property!
  3. xandrew245x

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    Thats the exact thought process I have as well, but I have had so many people tell me that door to door advertisement works, however I have never felt comfortable leaving something on someones door.
  4. trock

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    Most people don't care but there's always the one person that is pissed off and they will let you know
  5. xandrew245x

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    Are they really even effective? I would personally rather go with a well designed postcard through Direct mailing.
  6. OakNut

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    I did the door to door thing my first year with a few hundred flyers. I felt like a d0uchebag the entire time and swore I'd never do it again.

    Welcome and good luck.
  7. xandrew245x

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    What was your feedback from this?
  8. OakNut

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    Meh. It was mid-season/fall. I got a few snow removal jobs and a couple of one-time projects (cleanups/hedges) and a weekly mowing deal the following season. That sort of thing.
    I spent way more time doing it than it was worth and I felt "dirty" for doing it. Even as a noob, I looked down on that form of advertising as amateurish, and unprofessional - because it is.

    My "success rate" is mostly irrelevant though because there are dozens of factors involved in any successful "littering campaign". ;)
    The number of flyers distributed is about the least important factor.

    I then went with a professionally designed advertisement that I posted on Craigslist the following spring. I ended up with roughly 50 clients and all were decent ones - not the PITA ones normally associated with CL.

    As time went on, my third(fourth?) year I ended up getting a good review on Angie's List via one of my clients. (one I picked up via Craigslist believe it or not)
    That snowballed and as it turned out a bunch of other clients submitted reviews (unsolicited on my part btw) to Angie's List too.

    Now this season all of my calls have been generated from those reading my 18 Angie's List reviews as well as from referrals by existing clients, with a few that found me while Googling for lawn care.

    If I want to get my foot in the door with a neighbor, I'll go have a friendly chat while I'm mowing a lawn. I'm not shoving a flyer into his door.
  9. xandrew245x

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    That is pretty much the way I wanted to go. I had a well designed flyer put up at some local businesses to get exposure, I always thought flyers were unprofessional and I know i wouldn't really like someone putting something on my door.
    My Craigslist add isn't professionally designed, but it is well designed with lots of keywords. The best results I have had so far is through Facebook, advertising in local buy/sell groups.

    I'm at the point right now where some lawns have grown a lot and some are not growing at all, so I think I just need to be patient. I also have an angies list for my business and I'm going to let my customers know so they can review me. I know go reviews and referrals are the way to go.
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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.

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