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    My name is AnnMarie but everyone calls me Annie. I own A & M Lawn Maintenance here in PA. I started my business in March of this year when I bought the business from my future son in law when his dad passed away. I started with 11 customers that we simply cut grass weekly for. I now have over 50 customers and I have added mulching, trimming, aerating, fertilizing and small landscaping as well as retaining walls.

    I am a single mom so I have to be strong minded and independant. I have four children, of which, two work for me, as well as two other guys on a full time basis. Im not exactly sure what our plans are for winter yet, but this season has been great. I am looking forward to conversing with everyone and learning more about the industry.

    One question??? Are there any other women owned lawn maintenance or landscaping businesses out there???

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    Hi annie

    welcome to site---i am an old guy that has 25 accounts---there
    are several ladies down my way that have lawn care services---we are all friends that meet for coffee at local meat and three in town---we do not consider ourselves competitors.

    Good luck in your ventures


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