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    My name is Devorick and I had been on full time active duty for 12yrs now and still serving. I just came home from overseas and I am trying to start up my own Residential and Commercial maintenance company. Right now It will be a part time business on the weekends. The name of my company Is True Image Lawn and Landscape. Lately I have only been doing basic service like mowing, trimming, and edging. Working as a one man team, I only have one push lawn mower, 2 electric hedge trimmers, 1 blower, 1 edger, some garden tools, and my 2006 Ford Ranger. I am still looking at getting a utility trailer, and basic riding lawn mower until I can afford to purchase a Zero Turn. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! *newusflag*

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    welcome to site---the best advise i can give is do not go into debt for equipment---it only takes a drought or too much rain to really hurt a lawn service---i've seen way too many services with 500.00 to 600.00 a month notes, and they are dropping like flies down here. Good luck

    sureyards---white bluff, tennessee

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    Greetings Devorick, Welcome to lawnsite.com Thanks you for your service.
    easy-lift guy
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    Thanks for having me on here guys.:usflag:

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