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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ex CCS Racer, Mar 30, 2009.

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    My name's Tony and I'm new to the site. I'm 36 and live in Columbia, SC. I have basic landscaping experience typically from maintaining my own house. I'm not yet in business but am very motivated and look forward to getting into the industry soon. I plan on starting small and part time business with hopes of doing it full time(the car biz sucks and no, I'm not a salesman, lol). I'm familiar with forums so I have have done nothing but search and search....and search getting ideas and pointers before I take the plunge. I'm hoping to take what I learn here and start with the right equipment for my needs and market myself to be competitive to get and keep those accounts. I look forward to joining this community after in business and contributing my own thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

    My idea is to buy a small utility trailer, an undetermined walk behind, a trimmer and edger, and a blower to start. And of course the micellaneous hand tools, spares, etc. Then get licensed and insured. Then get my name out there and jump in. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are encouraged. Thanks.

    -Tony Fiesel
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    Nice to meet ya Tony, I live in Elgin!
  3. J & D Greens

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    Hi Tony
    I just started part time with every intention on going full-time soon. It is a rewarding experience and I love doing this kind of work. Good luck with you business. Hope to share idea's back and forth with you. David

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    Welcome to Lawnsite....I look forward to talking with you.
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    Welcome to the best forum for this industry!!

    Good luck on getting yourself together and in business, sounds like you have your ideas in the right place so start working on that business plan!

  6. Ex CCS Racer

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    I've been a service advisor at a car dealership for the last 11 years. I didn't do too bad as far as money but damn do you put in some hours, deal with a lot of unnecessary crap, and making money for someone else. I originally took a job at another Ford dealer and in the in between time I made the decision that it's now or never to take that huge step. I'm glad to announce that I am now a full time LCO. I don't mind working the hours knowing that the money I make is MINE and if any problems arise, I can and will fix them. I haven't been this happy in a very long time. The spare time I had during that week I spent advertising, spreading my website, and beating bushes for business. Well, it paid off big time. Enough where I gave corporate slavery the finger. July 4th truly was my independence day :) I appreciate the help I've gotten from this site. I spend many many hours reading and reading. It's helped tremendously and I hope I can return the favor to others looking to get into this field.


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    Welcome to lawn site
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    I have worked in the industry for almost a decade with a design/install company, and most recently a mulch supplier and installer. I recently pulled the trigger and started my own company back in late June. Some say I'm crazy for doing it in this economy, but where is the reward in working for someone else, using your designs!!! If i can make it through this winter/economy, I hope to be in the cat-bird seat, and I will make it it through anything.:weightlifter:

    At HydroTerra Designs, we design low-impact, high-sustainability Eco-friendly landscapes, and water features. Our pay dirt is the complement our clients receive from friends and family, and the retention of the same. Sure anybody can dig a hole in the ground, throw some products around it and hope for the best, but who wants hope when you can have guaranteed results? Just ask around, we are starting from the bottom and working our way up....no hand me downs, no rich parents, and this isn't a hobby, its a passion.

    I have designed, installed, and maintained, all things landscape for almost a decade. I specialize in Water feature design and build. Anything from a 3600 gallon Koi Pond, a 20' creek, Bog garden, Water garden, or a Pondless water falls, I love everything water. I find a sort of joy in solving the seemingly in-solvable irrigation problems. I can come to a property, find the problem that other landscapers either do not want to fix, or were lazy to begin with, and re-do it the correct way. Like my dad always said, take your time and do it right the first time, its not a race.


    Water Features, landscape design, Irrigation installation and problem solving, and pond beautification.


    I love my Georgia Bulldawgs, bow hunting, and EDM, specifically Deadmau5, Tiesto, and Hybrid

    Thanks in advance for all the invaluable advice, I may be a noob on this site:rolleyes:, but I fancy myself a novice in the field:Thumbs Up.

    Josh Johnson
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  9. Mow Man

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    Hello from Myrtle Beach!

    1. Get to know how much YOU can do it for and still make a small proffit
    2. Get to know the local market, but don't be afraid to stand alone
    3. Every time you get ready to load your equipment back up for the next stop, walk the site quickly and ask yourself this question. DID I DO THAT LAST 5%? Before you answer think about Rocky Balboa, a prize fighter that always had what it took to go in for one more round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is usually reachable as you just put in 14 hard rounds and the end is only minutes away!
    4. you do not have to buy the fancyiest trucks and equipment. Buy affordable quality equipment (used is ok) and MAINTAIN IT

    This fighter attitude will get you business and will help you retain what you have.
  10. Premier landscaping south

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    Welcome to lawnsite and hello from the Upstate!

    One line of advise, short and sweet.

    Make your business "Lean and Mean".

    In other words dont spend more than you have to and work hard to exceed your clients expectations.

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