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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TeamYardsale4, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys I am new to the lawncare business this year and I am hoping to turn it into something for my family. This year with no advertising I was only able to get 7 lawns but that was a good start I figured especially considering I have a newborn at home and still work my full time job. but next year im gonna do some advertising and try to grow alittle each year until I can do it full time. My mower this year is nothing special I have a 1993 John Deere F510 38", a bolens 21" push mower, Poulans and Troy built straight shaft trimmers and a homelite blower. I know its not much but again this was my first year and I didn't want to spend much in case I didn't do well. but I found myself loving it more and more as I did the work and couldn't wait to get on the mower. Looking forward to ALL the knowledge of the business on the site. thanks
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    Good luck. Most important part of the biz is the customers. they make or break you. Good ones are worth their weight in gold.
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    Never apologize for the equipment that you have.

    Better to be debt free doing and good work.

    You will do like everyone else. Set aside money and add to what you have. You to will get there.
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    Thanks! I def appreciate the input, yea I'm gonna try and save up little at a time for a bigger mower maybe by middle of next season! This year my little John Deere worked out great but I'm hoping to add a few more lawns next year and hopefully a few bigger ones were I can justify buying a bigger mower!

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