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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mdproperty, Jan 30, 2010.

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    hey guys i got a question for u pros this is my first year in the biz and im in the middle of looking at my first mowers i have a 48'' great dane cheriot jr ztr with 1000 hrs on it and a 25 hp kawasaki engine for $1800 also a 32'' demo red hawk w/b with 40 hrs on it for $1500 do u guys think that this is a deal worth getting ....trying to make as few mistakes as possible...thx in advance for the help
  2. ToroLandscaper

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    Those sound like decent price, however I know around here there are no Red Hawk mowers, so you would definitely want to check and see how your dealer support is going to be with that one. Also, make sure you would have dealer support for the Great Dane.

    No one around here really uses Great Danes, it is all Toro, Exmark, and Scag...so I can not really give you any advice on those particular machines. However, I can speak for Exmark and Toro and say that those are fantastic machines. I have owned Scag, and it was not bad, but I definitely prefer Exmark/Toro over a Scag.

    The prices seem fair to me, but if you plan on getting in the business and staying for awhile you might want to look at bigger brands. Such as Exmark, Toro, Scag, Bad boy, John Deere etc etc because it is all about the dealer support.

    Its not always about what is the cheapest/best price, you should look at the dependability of the machine and your dealer support. Without dealer good dealer support and a dependable you can spend lots down the road on fixing problems and as well as loosing money while your machine is down or in the shop...

    Hope this helps a little...
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    the chariot seems like a good price, but the redhawk is overpriced. I once got a 36" red hawk hydro for 1600 new. if you go to havenerent.com they have 48" hydro walkbehind for 2150 brand new, just got the the scratch and dent.

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    i havnt heard much about red hawk mowers. is it going to be a dedicated mower or just a trim mower??

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