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    Hi, guys and gals i'm from Saskatoon,saskatchewan, Canada. I just started with this business and it's a going good. This is my first year at this so i bought an aerator and business is good this year. So i'm expanding to buy a husquvarna power rake next year. Does any body own one ,the guy at the husquvarna dealer said i don't need a vac, it does a good enough job. What do you guys and gals think? Also, i;m in lawn cutting and fer and spraying.Okay what's a good pre and post emergent herbiside to use on lawns,liquid form.I can't afford everything this year so i just use a pump hand spayer. Okay.when your spraying how far to you have to stayaway from shrubs,trees,flowers and it has to be calm, right What do you professionals use? Another thing can you buy a dye to put in you srayer. Thanks for all the help to this beginner.Greatly appreciated!!! Dean
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    Please don't take this wrong, because I don't mean this in any bad way, - but you ARE only joking, right?
  3. Read the label..........

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