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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by grassmanak, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Well im farely new to the board, been educating myself for about a month and finally decided to sign up and ask a few questions of my own and to say Hi to everyone. I currently live in anchorage Alaska, but am moving back to omaha this month. I did lawn and landscape on my own last summer, and had 2 years of prior expierence before then. Im moving home and am going to finally going to begin a full time business out of it. Im starting out small for now, just doing residential yards and other small jobs. Im still searching for a used 40+ inch riding mower, exmark, toro, just something used and not terribly beat to death. Im currently working on a business plan for now.

    What does everyone recomend for a business a sole proprieter or is it worth stepping up to an LLC??.

    How many people are carrying insurance and what are you paying??

    What are people doing for taxes, accountant, or a turbo tax program??
    Im still not sure what to charge for just standard yards, like a front back yard, mowing, bagging, trimming. Just the basic's.

    I think im gonna distibute flyers to start with, just do a couple of neighborhoods to start with, im worried that if i run a yellow page ad, i will be running all over town trying to mow lawns, Sound right??

    As far a name goes im looking for something professional, been thinking of something Beautiful Lawns and Landscape, or something. I know someone has something the same or similar, im not tying to rip anyone else's ideas off here so.
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    man thats alot of ?????? no i just kidding . just hit the search button and it will usually tell all . welcome.

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