Hello my name is candy ?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Maxwells, Mar 2, 2005.

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    We spend time working out how to get the best flyer designs etc - i have just recieved one - it is probably the worst i have ever seen -

    it is from a local hairdresser and just reads with a small awfull picture in the middle -
    HI my name is candy i`ve moved to creative cutz, i am looking forward to seeing new and exisisting clients.........................

    I thought i would share this bloody funniest thing i ever seen

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    The LCO I used to work for had a decent-looking flyer, and every once in awhile we'd run across another LCO that would basically copy his flyer and use it for his own.

    One guy did a particularly bad job, he had obviously cut and pasted sections of our flyer (you could see the outlines where he had cut), and he'd laid everything out all crooked. Some of the content even overlapped. That's pretty bad when your flyer sucks and you didn't even have to put any effort into the content of it.

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