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Hello, I am a new member and I can not believe all the great information everyone has.
I am a Firefighter here in Austin Texas and I decided to get in the lawn business on my two days off.

My question is which trimmer I should get?
I am looking at the Echo 260S and the Shindaiwa T2500 or T260.
By looking at the Specs. on the internet Echo seems to have the most power in edgers, blowers and trimmers. By looking at the power, I believe this should help me in getting the jobs done faster and better in thicker stuff. So is Shindaiwa that far behind Echo in power to make a difference? The T2500 also suppost to be a new item. Please give some input so I can decide with way to go.


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I don't think you can go wrong buying Echo. I own the 260 trimmer you are speaking of. Well mine is actually a SRM 2400 but Echo changed all of there model #s. I have been extremely happy with the durability of all of my Echo units. I have never owned any Shindawia products so I can not praise or criticize them. But what I can tell you, is that you will not be disappointed with an Echo trimmer. They are great products, that if properly used and cared for, will last a long long time.


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I grew up on the Echo stuff and have always had good luck w/it. Currently I own several diff. Echo trimmer model's and all work very well. The only Shin. I have ever used is the EB240 hand-held blower I bought at the first of last year and it had been a great unit as well.

Also, welcome to the green indust. and to Lawnsite...And you are doing the right thing by getting commercial equip. Just remember the product you are buying is only as good as the support you get from the dealer.



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Hondas??? Craig, you gotta be kidding me. I was all excited about them when they first came out. Liked the idea of 4 stroke and all. And the service I get from my local honda shop is amazing. So I bought one. But it just sat there. None of my crews would use it. It just sat out at our barn. I began to inquire why nobody was using this brand new machine. Usually they just jump on new machines and fight over them. The reason was lack of power. It couldn't even compare with our Shindaiwa T230s, much less the T260s. So nobody wanted it.

Eazy, I think you'd be happy either way. Shindaiwa machines are bulletproof. They're incredible machines and the T230 is strong enough to handle any job that will come your way. We use Shindaiwas almost exclusively for trimmers and stick edgers. Been using them for years.

Still, I think you'd be happy with any good commercial unit - whether it be Echo, Stihl, Redmax, Shindaiwa, etc. Their all in the category I would consider "excellent", dispite their minor differences in power.

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I own the Echo SRM 230 and it has plenty of power... I usually have to throttle back a bit... I rarely need to go full tilt with this unit, but when I do, look out!


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I use Shindaiwas and have for several years, I guess 5 or more. When I first started and couldn't afford anymore, I used Ryobi trimmers. They would last about a year, then tat,tat,tat, went the engine. I did this for 2 years before going commercial. I do own both Shindaiwa and Echo trimmers. For me the Shindaiwas are better, but as others have said the Echos aren't bad but for day to day use I perfer the shindaiwa trimmers.

As fare as power goes I use a Shindaiwa T270 and it will cut hay. I use a T230 for the day to day lawn trimming.

The T2500 has a 4-cycle, of which I'm not a big fan of in the 1st place. I did check 1 out at the dealer, but have no real experience with. It is a little heaver than a regular 2 cycle trimmer for the power it makes.

And the Shindaiwa is behind no trimmer.


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we are thinking about switching over to red max. we bought a used redmax blower and edger last year for $60 for both. (we don't usually buy used equipment, but for $60?) they are really nice.

we have had echo's for years and we love them. i don't think people were saying they are not bad. they were saying they are very nice.

we have a shin from the early 90's. it still runs. better be ready for a workout though. it's like the clydesdale of trimmers. big, heavy, but a real workhorse. in my opinion, you can say the same thing of the stihl. if i were doing heavy brush cutting, i would grab the shin or the stihl. but for regular trimming, which is what we use them for 99% of the time, i prefer the echo's. (one of the others, red max, stihl, or shin has a hard time running upside down, i can't remember which though.)


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I have not used Echo but my shindiawa has never had any problems and has plenty power for day to day use. I've cut brush and tall weeds with no power issues. The only time it slows is if I accidently tap to early and the string is long. (I dont use the sheild).


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Shindaiwa all the way! I have had echoes (Nothing But Problems)
2 Years ago I spent the money and got 2 Shindaiwa T260 Limited Editions. These are the best trimmers ever. They are a bit heavier but the added horsepower was well worth it to me. Just my 2 cents. By the way they are 2 years old and not one single problem other than the trimmer heads being replaced.

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