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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by chepamab, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Hello everyone! I just found this site browsing on the internet, and hope that there's somebody out there that could give advice on our landscaping bis. Our company's name is Haven Landscaping, LLC. We began in April of 2008 (Michigan) and had a hard start. We ended up with 30 regular lawncare customers, and had various small landscaping jobs. We just finished up our books to get our taxes done, and we made about $42,000.00, with a loss of about $6,500.00. I know... pretty sad!Anyway... what I was wondering is if anyone has any knowledge of getting comercial customers? And how to go about giving estimates for them? Any advice would be helpful!
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    i can't speak for mowing season but for snow plowing i just went out and started asking a couple months prior to out first snow fall and landed 6 comercial accounts. i had a chance to do 10 but a little over whelming for my first year but they are on the list for the up and coming year. this has also aloud me to show my work and possibly has moved me into a position to do thier lawncare for them this year and have also landed a small landscape job with one of them. congrats on making it through the year and just keep on movin. welcome to lawnsite.com and hope you find it a very helpful and fun place to come to like i have the past 6 or so months.

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    I don't have a great answer for you about commercial accounts as most of mine have come from word of mouth. However, keep your head up, I don't think you're doing too bad for your first season. Just keep plugging away to get more customers, try to keep costs down, and keep learning as much as you can. (lots of great info on this site.) Good luck in '09 and welcome to the site.
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    My 2 cents.. commercial accounts does not meen commercial money! I personally have been succesfull with a 70 - 30- split. 70 residential. The way I look at it is if you put all your eggs in one basket and that basket is gone.... well so are you!!

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    This is a great point!
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    Exactly, it's always good to diversify your services and offer as much as you can to as many people as you can, so it's good to do both commercial and residential if possible.

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