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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Swampbeast, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. Swampbeast

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    Hi everybody! This is Leah, Swampbeasts girlfriend. He doesnt know I am on here, so I must make this quick.
    I find myself in the position of not knowing anything about what my boyfriend does. He mows a lot, and thats pretty much all I know. If there are any wives or girlfriends out there, could you tell me how I could best support him in all this? He comes home and he is absolutely exhausted, and tells me he mowed anywhere from 17 through 25 yards that day. I want to know how I could help him out. Thank you so much for any help!
    Will he be able to read this?

    Thanks again
  2. crawdad

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    Yup, he'll see it, and I'm sure he will appreciate the fact that you want to be supportive.
    When he comes home all tired out, set him on the couch and bring him beer. :drinkup:
    Quiet. After being around loud machines all day, even with ear protection, the best thing in the evening is quiet. Don't do loud things like vacuuming, and running loud appliances.
    Go somewhere, with a good view, and little or no noise, and just enjoy each others company.
  3. rkbrown

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    Greeeting, neighbor. I'm in Pearland. To be supposrtive in what he does, ask him questions. For example, coming to the end of the season, asking questions like "What equipment can we buy will make us more productive next year", or "What types of properties were most profitable for us this year and what kind of advertising could we do to better target these properties?" Also, "What other services could we offer as an upsale or add-on would be profitable".

    When looking to buy new equip, my wife always says, "OK, that sounds like a neat piece of equip, but how will it increase profit, efficiency and how does it fit into our properties".

    My wife does not know much about the business, but is a great sounding board and critic. Critic in the sense of having me justify things to her. She says that I have to convince her before a big move or equip because I will have to convince customers that this will be a worthwhile service or a benefit to their property somehow.

    Other ideas, help him with flyer design and other advertising chores. My wife is very artistic and although she doesn't design for me she gives me valuable suggestions. (I'm sure she would design for me if I asked her to. I usually present things to her after I have roughed it out and she gives me input.

    A few months ago, I thought about adding irrigation services. I told my wife what it would entail (training, licensing, costs, etc). Once I was able to convince her, she was all for it.

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    DON'T NAG!!!!!!! Nothing worse than dragging my butt up the driveway after a 15 hour day and hear my wife start nagging. Pretend to care about how his day was. I know my wife gets sick of me talking about my day. Have to vent to somebody.

    How did you get his password?????
  5. Swampbeast

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    Wow. Have I got an awesome girlfriend or what?! Man, I love that girl!
    Keep suggesting things, I am liking how this thread is going! Just kidding, she read it all, and she said to tell you guys "thank you".
    Lawns and Mowers, I havent typed in my password on this forum since I became a member here. My computer remembers the password so I dont have to deal with it everytime, because I dont care who gets on here.
    Crawdad, I wish! But I am only 20, I cant even legally drink beer. :(
    Thanks everybody.

  6. Runner

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    Along with the beer, ask him what he'd like for dinner while you are rubbing his feet. After you're finished with that, you can start with the backrub. (makes him much more productive). When the weekend comes, ask him that since he has worked so hard during the week, if maybe you can wash and polish his truck for hi. Along with that, tell him how much it would mean to you to be able to change the oil and regrease the mowers for him. Later on, let him know that you want to learn the operation and how to run the equipment, so then he only has to work every 3rd day or so, leaving him more time for fishing. You'll make someone a good wife someday.:D
  7. GarPA

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    the physical work will tire you out....but the accounting and marketing work will STRESS him out...I'm more than twice his age and I can tolerate the physical part of it...what wears me down is worrying about keeping the accounting work current and planning for the marketing efforts to build the business.....STRESS is far worse than physically being tired...so learn the "back office" chores and you will help both of you IMMENSELY...and you dont have to be an expert in the lawn biz to do this work...and this is very important work.
  8. Rhett

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    I am with Kitzy on that one. Also my wife will go with me once in a while. She might not get a whole lot done, but it is nice to have the company. I shudder at the results if I came home and plooped on the couch and asked my wife to get me a beer.:)
  9. JimLewis

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    Every night you should have a nice dinner ready, candles lit, TV Trays out, and be wearing a neglige (sp?) sprawled out on the couch waiting for him to lay down next to you so you can rub his back and spoon feed him. THAT'S how to correctly support your man!

    Hehe. Just kidding. Chances are if you are this worried about it, you are already doing the right things. It's very nice to hear.

    Honestly, one of the best things you can do is help encourage him to keep pressing on when he has a long day. and celebrate his accomplishments when he has a good day! When he comes home and says, "Hey, guess what? I landed a $xxxx job today!" Be genuinely excited for him! He doesn't do all of this just for his own good. I am sure you already know that. But sometimes we guys don't feel as appreciated as we'd like to. Even moreso for us who earn all the $ and let their wives just stay home and do what they want to do. For me, at least, it just takes my wife getting genuinely excited about a new accomplishment. When she says, "Cool. Well, I am excited for you." That's good, but not exactly what I was wanting to hear. I want her to feel that she's part of the team. Like it's HER business too. Like we are a team. And realize that my big accomplishment for the day was an accomplishment for US and our family!

    Swampbeast - you betta marry that girl quick!
  10. bubble boy

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    wow, we all watch too many bud commercials...:D

    i think sometimes just dont talk business. its hard for us to leave the job at the job, like others. but often that would be best, to just talk anything but business.

    and as for being married at 20:eek: :p

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