Hello there! I am new....nice to meet you!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by L&C Lawn Care, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. L&C Lawn Care

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    Hi there! Nice to meet you guys. My name is Lukas Benge and I own L&C Lawn Care. I am actually starting my first year this year.
    I am looking forward to serving many people.
    I live near Crawfordsville Indiana and I serve everyone from Ladoga, Crawfordsville, Waynetown, etc.
    I have a 2012 John Deere Z920A 60" Mower with a 26 horse Kawasaki motor. LOVE IT!
    Have a Stihl SF90 trimmer and another John Deere 48" rider for smaller yards.
    Also have a yard machine self propelled mower. Nothing fancy but does a great job for me.

    I am just introducing myself to the group. I hope to meet a lot of you guys and see what I can learn. I will gladly listen to any advice from any of you!

    Thanks and nice to meet you!
  2. L&C Lawn Care

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    Here is my logo
    This is my baby. John Deere Z920A

    Here is my rig




  3. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
  4. easy-lift guy

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    Greetings and Welcome from the Sunshine State.
    easy-lift guy
  5. Sprinkler Buddy

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    from Florida
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    Welcome, like the logo!
  6. Landrus2

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    Hello there L&C
    Nice Deere
  7. S&S Lawn ServiceLLC

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    Hello from the Bluegrass State!
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  8. jeeperscrow

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    Hello and welcome!
  9. mclarke

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    Welcome from the Dairyland (Wisconsin)! Remember- if your short on snow I have some I am giving away for free!
  10. dave_14385

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    Welcome! from Wisconsin.

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