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  1. dewcanteen

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    I am a former Army Officer (also an enlisted guy). I just got out of the Army after three tours to Iraq and 12 years later...guess I just had enough, I loved it, but it is time for something new.
    All through highschool I landscaped and roofed and am no stranger to hard work....
    Anyway, I am taking landscaper course and am looking to start my own buisness.
    Any tips, or where to start would be great and am anxious to become part of a great industry.

  2. Gardens55

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    Best of luck! I think the 3 tours to Iraq prove that you are no stranger to hard work :)
  3. Lawn-Sharks

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    Best tip: read & ask as many question in here, Lawn Site if full of LCO's with great knowledge just be careful not to ask the wrong questions, that you can figure out by yourself before you post them. Examples: How much do i charge? Should i lower my prices or give free mowing away to get work? Ect. the list could go on but just sit back and read. Best of luck in the biz and im sure you dont hear this enough but Thank you for serving our country:usflag:
  4. N.H.BOY

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    Thanks for serving :usflag:and read all day on here. You WILL learn a lot.

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