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    hello, my name is sean and im the owner of a small lawn care company in suffolk county,LI, called Bulldog Lawncare and im planning to go big! I am only 17 years old and ive been doing lawn maintenance for over 5 years.I take great pride in the work that i do and the quality of my work is very close and most times better than other competiters.My company may be small and i may be young but in a few short seasons i will be competing with the larger companies.I know there are some of you out there that think that it is too competitive for a younger smaller company to survive this day and age but to all of you that dont believe me or think im a joke , heres just a very short list of some of the equipment i use.....

    2006 dodge ram 1500 hemi (my lil toy)
    2004 ford f350 diesel with a 14' landscape dump bed
    7x12 heavy haulers tandem axel trailer
    36" wright stander
    redmax blowers ,string trimmers, stick edgers, hedge trimmers
    stihl chainsaws,pole saws hedge trimmers
    giant vac walkbehind blower,vac,truck loader
    honda push mower

    and just ordered for spring of 2009.....

    48" toro grandstand
    36" toro grandstand (if it comes out)
    tanaka string trimmers
    possible walker mower
    8x16 enclosed landscape trailer
    bob-cat 463 skid steer
    ...... and maybe some other toys i come across.

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    Welcome to the site and good luck in '09!
  3. bulldoglawncare

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    thank you and best of luck to you in '09!
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    Im always happy to see someone with a little drive. Dont give up, hard work WILL pay off. Best of luck!
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    Welcome to the site...I am glad you joined us, and I wish you the best of luck!
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    Yea keep up the good work im only 19 and started my second season and had already added on about 80 accounts. I ordered 2 new 52" grandstands this year as well but you wont be seeing the 36" grandstand anytime this year.

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