HELP - 2005 Kubota ZD21 ??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Knukey, Mar 21, 2007.

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    I've read some nasty things on the early models of this ZTR - stamped decks, hydraulic motor failures, etc. What year did they have these issues fixed if they have them fixed now? I'm looking at a 2005 model with NO warranty and don't need/want to get a lemon with costly repairs. It's a bit suspicious to me why a LCO with a Huster and Exmark would pick this one to sell unless it has issues.

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    We bought the Kubota ZD-21 in 2004. It was manufactured in June, 2004, based on the engine serial number.

    One steel hydraulic line fractured at about 100 hours, but after the warranty period expired. Cost $300+ to replace, including the dealer's charge to transport the mower both ways.

    The hydraulic fluid filler cap/breather blew off the hydrostatic earlier than that. The west coast Kubota office forced my dealer to provide a new filler cap and new premium hydraulic fluid at no cost. The dealer had been obstructionist until higher level intervention.

    Those have been the only problems. We put on few hours per year and even now have only about 220 hours total

    The machine is great for us and I would buy it again, despite the problems noted. We cut in rough territory and routinely chop up small branches, hit half-hidden tree roots, etc. The stamped mowing deck works very well for us but leaves a cut no better than our excellent 1970 Gilson garden tractor with the four foot deck. The cut is fully OK for our rural lifestyle, but might be marginal if one hired out to cut the grass of millionaires' estates.

    I was surprised to read your comment about engine problems. The ZD-21 is a greatly stroked and slightly bored version of Kubota's original 600 cc displacement engine brought out in the very early 1980's. It is an excellent and well-developed basic diesel engine that should proved bulletproof if given reasonable care. The 778cc ZD-21 engine has a larger diameter piston pin to cope with the larger displacement. It is really rare to hear of low engine life of this engine family, consisting of small two, three, and four cylinder engines.

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