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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by acutabove65, Mar 14, 2008.

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    I have been asked to bid a fairly big job for two retaining walls, one in front & one in back of a a home. The slope is fairly steep & the owner just wants a small, perhaps 2' retaining wall with mulch over the area. With the slope of the area I'm concerned that the mulch will run off in the rain. Is there something I can put under the mulch that will allow the water to run off, and allow the mulch to remain intact? The walls are approxamately 75' long each. Any help from someone more experienced than I will be greatly appreciated.
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    If you are worried about mulch sliding off the slope above the retaining wall, it sounds like you need a taller wall to allow for the proposed planting bed above the wall? Would doing one 3' bottom wall, followed by a 2' foot wall be enough to stabilize the area for planting, or is the mulch bed above both walls?
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    I agree... the wall needs to be taller for less slope first of all and then the cap should hold in the mulch. I would do some research at your local distributor and here before giving numbers of this job.

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