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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by romangosu, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. romangosu

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    Who konws the details about joint venture of Deere and Hitachi(Deere-Hitachi)...

    I want to konw the history and development of Deere-Hitachi..

    and want to know the business model of the Cooperation...

    just like ..how they organize product development..all technique from Hitachi?? does Deere still takes Hitachi's design?

    Hitachi still OEMs for Deere-branded excavator???? and how they organize their manufacture..?~

    and how does the their product go to the market? Whose distribution network does their product go through?


    waiting 4 u guys..THX...
  2. GWhunter

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    I recently posted a similar thread elsewhere. I was thinking of buying a deere 35 zts. I was out and about and saw a case zts and it was identical to the deere even the decal's. I went to case's website and the mini lines spec out the exact same. I had heard deere's mini's were made but hitachi. So is hitachi making them for case too? Is there any advantage to a particular brand? I'm partial to deere but would like the best bang for the buck.

    Matt T.:confused:
  3. ksss

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    The CASE mini ex and the Deere do not share blood lines. The CASE machines are built by Kobelco and is marketed also by New Holland and Kobleco themselves. CASE large excavators are Sumitomo including and over the 8 ton range. New Holland uses Kobelco excavators through out their line up.

    The Kobleco mini ex is a very nice machine. They compare very similiar to Deere as far as specs go. The Kobleco has nice features like the boom swing (push button move joy stick). The hyd control package in the Kobleco is superior to the Deere and my TK. The feel and control is excellent on par with IHI's control package. You are not losing any thing going to a Kobleco mini ex. No matter what color it might be painted.
  4. Scag48

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    Deere excavators are available only in the US market, they are not available anywhere else that I know of. Hitachi controls the global markets, that's in their deal. Deere uses their motors, Hitachi uses Isuzu. Out here, any Deere dealer is practically a Hitachi dealer, they're almost the same excavato. As KSSS said, Case and Deere minis are not the same.

    I would venture to say that Hitachi designs the excavators, much like Mitsubishi is designing Cat's excavators, at least that's my understanding. Waiting for Tigerotor to chime in, he knows better than I about the Cat and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries deal.
  5. romangosu

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    Thx 4 Scag48..~:)

    I believe Tigerotor konws about it more..aha..

    I saw his comment somewhere...

    waiting 4 u gays 4 more info...:clapping:

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