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    I need some advice I started a bizz just to cut lawns and people are giving me landscape work. Will I would love to do it if I had a clue how. So any way I have one with 6000sf lawn new house with hard grown turf grown in lumps that is kinda like crab grass. And the guy wants me to put new top soil on and I guess new seed. And some other miner stuff

    you guys can contact me on yahoo mesenger someonee12345678
  2. AGLA

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    Explain that you just mow lawns.

    This is the problem with going into business without any experience. All you can do is ask people and then wing it. Sometimes you will lose your @$# this way. You will see dollar signs and won't resist doing things with no idea what you are doing and then have to repair damages or pay someone else to while your reputation goes south. You won't know how to price it because you have no idea what it takes to do it. Other landscapers are going to be PO'd at you because you will under price and make them look bad.

    Either stick with mowing grass or go work for someone else for a few years to learn some basics. Then you can take on projects with at least some experience.

    Sorry to be harsh. I'm just trying to be realistic.
  3. mdmowerman

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    go work for someone else.

    its people like this.....

    wish i could be in those shoes again, juuuuusssstttt starting out. what do i do????

    quit while your ahead, find another industry to get inot that has a more promising future, than lawnmowing.
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    Just be honest to the customer. They will appreciate it. Some of my customers wanted me to fert, but I don't have my liscence yet. So I told them this and recommeded a reputable company. I explained I didn't want to break the law and when I do get my liscence I would appreciate it if I could get their business. They were fine with that. With only being part-time I have my limitations, but having a great relationship with your customer is the key.
  5. freddyc

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    This is the best advice. Be honest....always.

    With regard to the lawn, it sounds like you might not have the equipment required, but without seeing it, it's difficult to say. If it's that bad it might be a good idea to scrape up the whole thing , grade it and replace it. It depends also on what the customers expectations are----esssentially, if they think you're just going to throw a little seed down for $50 and their lawn will be great, forget it.
    On the other end, it sounds like you'd have to rent the equipment (??? tiller, skid steer, ????) and thats where you would really start to lose your shirt.

    If I were you, I'd hook up with a local landscaper, work out a deal and learn some thru them. It would be better than trying to make $200 and building yourseld a bad rep. You never get away from a bad rep. :D
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    Stingy homeowners will flood you with work if you lowball. Happened to me. The reason we charge more now is because this profession is tough in 9 months. Wintertime runs many out of business. I see lots of guys mowing and ads for cheap services, they are there every year, but different faces. Those "scrubs" make many homeowners look like fools. Homeowners will forget every couple years and try out another scrub, hoping to save a buck. Stay away from the cheap end of the business. Get real experience with landscape contractors.
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    I guess I'm too stubone to stay away from a challenge I'm now talking to two friends that have some landscaping experice. I'm going to do some price checking and maybe see if I can sub contract the work out. I can give a high price I don't think that this guy will go for it. But then I know I can sell him some garden work at least off all that would be for one of my friends. But anyway I was thinking that the turf was put in wronge in the first place. So if (Its out my hand anyway) Can talk with the guy and see if he has some insurance that would cover the cost and upcharge for the deal. I going for a long shot but I have nothing better to do anyway.

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