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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by wherebluegrassgrows, Feb 3, 2006.

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    New company bid includes irrigation maintenance. I need to know the going rate for replace or repair work for broken or malfunctioning heads. I have a sub who has quoted me a price of $5 a head for spring winter and weekly checks does this sound right? The $5 does not include repairs.
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    Too much if that does not include repair.$5.00 just to look at a head?Forget that guy!
    Im not sure whats supposed to be included in his spring,winter?(why check in winter when there should be no water in the system?)and weekly checks.You mean he runs the systems in spring charges you per head say the system has 25 heads that's $125.00 just to look at the system turned on.and say he does this for 10 houses.once a week that's
    $1250.00 a week for some guy to turn on the system manualy and look at the heads spraying..add more $ if he has to repair any?..Bad deal
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    For my "special" customers, systems checks are free. As soon as I start fixing things we go to T&M. Regular pricing, I charge $30 to "inspect" a system. Doesn't matter if it is 2 zones or 50, I will check it for the flat rate IF we are checking on a regular basis. That can be monthly or bi-monthly during the "season". Every outfit I've ever worked for did things similarly. The reason for this is we want to do repair work. I can't fix it if you don't know it is broke. $5/head even if that is 4 or 5 walkthroughs is very high. If $5/head is to check that head 20 times, maybe its not a bad bid. When I was in DFW, bi-monthly checks for 4 months and monthly checks for 8 months were common. Upscale properties did bi-monthly for 6 and monthlys for 6. In your area, you are a 9 month "season" and there would be no reason to check more often than bi-monthly for 3 months and monthly for 4 months. The spring turn on should cover the first check and winterization happens in the last month. Fix it in the spring but make notes on what has to be repaired.
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    I apologize the five dollars covered spring activation and winterizing . $2.50 for spring activation and $2.50 for winterizing. The contract calls for a weekly inspection of the system as well as control monitoring(rainy, dry, exc). These inspections and repairs will be done at an hourly labor rate plus materials. I'd like to know on average what do you typically charge for labor as it relates to repairs, inspections, exc?
    Again i apologize for the the way my question read the first time and thanks in advance for your input and comments.

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