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Northwest Ohio
Need to know how much to charge for hedge job. Hedges in question are 75'x 7'x 6'. Owner wants new growth cut off and shaped up. How much would you all charge for a job of this size? Price should include hauling away the clipping also. Thanks for your input. Mowman


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Central Florida
Is it overgrown a whole lot? We have a lawn we take care of that has a hedge about 100'x6.5'x5' . We get $60 per cut and takes one person about 2 hours. They want it done about 3 times a year and we have to clean it up but don't haul it off. If it were for a client who's lawn we didn't take care of, the charge would probably be closer to $100 and probably $35 more to get rid of the clippings.<br>


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unless you've done it before & know how much time it will take, fig. hourly like 35 an hour (that's alot of hard work) & give your self an extra hour on estimate to be safe, then add for hauling. <br>Could also fig. if it was yours how high would still be a deal so you DON'T have to bother with it.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>


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i have some hedges like this, to save time if there are just leaves for clippings mow them, discharge them into the lawn then start at the farthest point they went into the lawn and start mowing them discharging them into the hedge i do this and it leaves practilly nothing to pick up and no sign of the clippings<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida


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75'x7'x6'. I read this as a 75 foot long, 7 foot wide, 6 foot tall hedge.<p>this job is a disaster waiting for whoever does it.<p>is it 7 feet wide at the middle, peaking to a point at 6 feet high? or is it 7 feet wide at the top and the top is flat? I've seen 'em both ways. regardless, you're going to be on a step ladder!<p>I do alot of shrub work and no way I'd touch it for less than $200. and that is if I could do it in a half day.<p>good luck<p>GEO

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