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    I recently was asked to bid on this property.Here are the requirements.
    The front of the building (parking lot side) to the trees on the top left of the picture) not behind the face of the building.

    Property has 170,000 sq. ft. of lawn area
    Fescue seed and starter fert. in the fall
    Fertilizer applications throughout year for fescue (inc. pre-em, irons, etc) 6 applications thru year. Cut property 42 weeks.

    Cut time will be three guys with a 60", 48" zero turns
    stick edgers, blowers, trimmers.

    Prune all shrubs once a year
    225 small shrubs (3' or under)
    15 large shrubs (over 3')
    "Shape" prune Trees - 71 total (all are about 10'-12' in height..fairly new trees)
    pine needles - 325 bails

    Herbicide on lawn area - Could use up to 200 gallons because lawn area is in poor condition (lots of weeds, not much lawn), but we will start out with 100 gallons applied the first year.

    and Fall aeration

    I figured it at about 10 hours of mw, trim, edge, and blow time (big parking lot) with about 4 hours a week @ 10 weeks winter maintenance = 40 hours total.

    We currently run about $55-$60 per hour with all overhead.

    thanks for the help.


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