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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ozman, May 19, 2002.

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    I have done some searches for info on putting together a bid for a commercial property. I've found very little. If there anyone out there that can help with some kind of templet. Or if theres someware I can purchase some kind of kit or templet that would be fine. I have no problems with the numbers just how to and what to put in the proposal. I've done small account but never a commercail property (appartments etc.). Yes I have all the equipment that it take to care of big properties.

    Thanks for any help!!!!!
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    I have done very few commercial bids due to the fact that Oregon is a really difficult state to obtain an irrigation license and most commercial properties here in this area want an all inclusive bid.
    But on the other hand the bids I have done I have recieved great praises from the perspective customer as being very precise and detailed as to what is included in the contract based on the bid. I don't do any "Bids" I create a contract and present it to the customer and if they decide on my services then they can sign and return the contract and we go from there. Some companies have an actual set of guidelines for the landscape maintenance contractors to go from, that helps with bid or contract proposals because it tells exactly what they are looking for and then it becomes a battle of the old mighty $ as to who gets the contract. In my contracts I state in writing exactly what is covered and when it will be performed, how often it will be performed, any extras that I will include for them and it also states that items not specifically covered and listed are time + materials .
    If you need any other help or ideas please let me know .

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