Help build me a sprayer?


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O.K. its a topic that should be in the Pesticide Forum but things are slow here.
Has anyone built their own sprayer. I have been thinking about it for next year. I am wondering if it is worth it or is it a hassle and just but a commercially available unit?

Looking at a truck mounted type - 250 gal., no bigger. If you gents would put one together what parts would you use?

Tank= size
Pump= type, specs.
motor= h.p. , brand
hose reel= brand, hose size.
spray gun= brand.
Other things I forgot.
Reasons to do it or not do it.

If you can throw your prices in and lets see what it adds up to. I'm not being cheap, I like doing this kind of stuff.


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Mowed, my suggestion is to buy a well used one and rebuild what you need. The engine and pump are the most important parts and are both easy to replace. The tank, frame, reels, etc usually last a long time and won't need to be replaced. I built a sprayer for my Walker mower it was cheaper to buy a brand new pull behind and rework it to a front mount than to build from scratch. I have a used skid mount that I will be rebuilding this winter, I bought it pretty cheap thinking something was wrong with it. Everything seems to work good, so it just needs a clean up and it's For Sale.

John DiMartino

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I built my own,about 8 yrs ago,but it is heavy and 21 ft wide folded,42 ft open.I use a little 150 gallon tank,and a briggs 5hp gas with a 70 psi 100GPM pump.I made mine out of 1" square stock,1/8".I bought all the fittings and nozzles locally$$$$$,but would buy them mail order if i did it again.Iused big door hinges found at the hardware store to allow it to fold up and down.I do not use it out of a truck,it is only used onsite,and mounted in a cushman truckster,so I do not have a hose or reel setup for it.