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Help, building a small pond

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by scott015, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. scott015

    scott015 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 37

    Ok guys... i bought a small pond (about 40gallon) at Lowes... its the black pre formed kind... it came with a pretty small pump/fountain.... i bought some small gravel and dumped all thru the bottom and then bought some of the tan/yellow tinted flat rock and kinda just stacked it around the edges of the pond.... it looks ok.... but this spring i want to redo it all... not happy with it...

    so i bought another 100gallon pond along with my 40gallon.... there is a spot on my backyard that slopes in the corner (perfect spot for the ponds) so i was thinking of having the smaller one on top of the hill, then have the larger one at the bottom and then have them connect with a small stream.... so i bought that thick black plastic stuff to make the stream.... dug all the holes, now i basically just need to get the pumps and the rocks....

    so what pump should i get? i guess it needs to go in the bottom (large pond) and then have a hose run up (burried) and then pour into the small one ontop the hill, then it will overflow and run downt the stream and do it all over again.... so how big a pump do I need? i would say my stream is about 6ft long... just a guess??

    also, do i need one of those filters???? they are about $200 a lowes... didnt know if that was neccesary??

    and now MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL... rocks!!! there is a HUGE rock place about 5mins from me that has about 10 acres of land with just every kind of rock you can think of.... im gonna go there and get my rocks... but didnt know what kind to get.... the kind i have isnt bad at all./.... but all the pics i have seen, i have seen those smooth rounded rocks... i like the looks of that alot.... they have them all along the sides of the pond, and then on the top edge too.... but i dont think i can really do that with the ponds i have... they are not real big..... to stack them along the sides and then overflow them on the edge onto the yard.... thats gonna take alot of rocks and look funny since the pond isnt real big.... but i want something real NATURAL looking... but would like something to cover the black on the pond.... right now, i have the bottom filled with gravel, and the top edge (by yard) covered.... but when you look in the pond.... it doesnt look right, you still see the black walls of the pond

    anyway, im running on and on... really all i need to know is

    1. what size pump
    2. do i need a filter (i do plan on have a few fish)
    3. what rocks? (something that looks GOOD, NATURAL, and goes with the preformed ponds)



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