HELP! Bumble Bees

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mtdman, Jun 27, 2004.

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    Bear with me, this is a bit complicated.

    About a week and a half ago my wife and I started finding bees in the basement of our house. Big fat bumble bees. I finally figured out that there was a hole in the foundation under the deck where they were coming in. Unfortunately, it was behind a finished wall in the basement, a bathroom wall. So I couldn't get at it without either tearing down the wall or busting a bigger hole in the foundation. So, I got some Ortho bee killer and put about 4 cans worth into the hole where the bees were coming in and out. Problem solved, right?

    Nope. We still found bees in the house. So, thinking that they were still getting in the hole, I dumped another 2 cans of bee killer in the hole, and then I filled it with a can worth of that spray foam. Unfortunately, that means they were now trapped in the house with us. We have been slowly finding more bees in the basement, but they are either bumbling around on the floor half dead or totally dead. No more flying, healthy looking bees. So obviously the poison is working, if slowly. Heck, I can smell the stuff through the wall in the basement, so there's gotta be enough in there to kill an elephant! Question is, how long can that nest survive without outside contact for nectar/food/water? I assume that eventually any living larvae will hatch, and die because of the poison, and then they will be all done, right?

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    Um, if that's where they were definately coming from. We had the same thing with wasps, thought we filled in the hole. Turned out there were 2 places they came from.

    And yes, if you're finding sick and dead ones, like we did, just wait until they all die.

    It's when you're seeing healthy ones again that you're just going to cry :)
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    According to what I've read, bumble bee nests only have 1 entrance/exit. I sealed everything in the vacinity that looked like a hole, and I haven't seen any bees coming/going from the area since. So I HOPE I got the entrance blocked. I just wonder how long it will take before all of them are dead.


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