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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by G_Burleson, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. G_Burleson

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    Hey everybody. I'm at the point where I need to invest in a big mower. Up to today I've been using two small push mowers for all my properties.

    Many of my properties have hills, and most are smaller so I'm thinking that I would benefit most from a commercial walk-behind mower, around a 32".

    I will need the mower for about three years, to get me through graduate school. At that point I'll start up a small software company, and keep mowing a few properties. I'll most likely sell the big mower and use a small one for the properties I keep. So I need it to go strong for those three years. I'll be busy, and don't want another headache of a broken mower.

    I have $2,000 to $3,000 to spend on the mower.

    I'll be mowing 40-60 properties on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, and the mowing season is long here in Waco, TX (March-December this year). I need this mower to be my work horse. Dependable, efficient, and with an exceptionally smoothe cut.

    I don't know how to maintain these bigger mowers, so dealership support is important. I think Waco has good support for the main brands. SCAG has great dealership support here.

    Do you guys have any suggestions on Brands of mower?
    Is there anything else I need to factor in?
    Should I go for a mower that I can get a three year warranty on to ensure that it lasts through the three years that I need it?

    Any advice on these brands:

    I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanks!

  2. Jbh0724

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    I've got a friend who has a brand new Stanley commercial walk behind. He has no use for it. Honda engine. Retails for $3500. He said he will sell for $2300
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  3. Jbh0724

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    Sorry, it's a 32" mower
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  4. ToddH

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    I dunno if the lesco is still made but I have one purchased in 2006 and it has been pretty solid. Most maintenance is simple and you can order parts for it.

    I am thinking it was around 3400 new. Dual Hydro, 17HP Kaw and all that stuff. I suspect something like it can be had for around 1500 to 2200 depending on hours. Hydro are easier to maneuver but cost way more than belt drives.
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  5. G_Burleson

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    Does he have a posting for it? Or can I get some more info from you?

    Hydro, or belt-drive
    Warranty Info

    Any other information would be great. That's in my price range, and I know that Honda makes a great engine.
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  6. Jbh0724

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    Text me at 478-319-0970
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  7. d.klas

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    The only walkbehind that has the most balls, power, strength and also delivers an excellent cut is the Ferris Hydrocut series and the Comfortcontroll DD series.. Its worth every single penny and they manuver real easy and smooth.. Cant go wrong with Ferris
  8. Chris_NC06

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    If SCAG has the best dealer support in your area, then that's what I'd get.
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  9. johnnyusa

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    bobcat or gravely

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