help buying a used dixie chopper xw2001


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hi everyone, looking for some advice. I have about 2 acres I mow and it takes a long time with a combination of my old farmall cub with 48" mower and a 222 case. lots of trees/building and a 1/3 acre pond to mow around. needles to say a zero turn would be an improvement. My neighbor is buying a new Dixie chopper and offered to sell me her old one for 2000$. she bought it new in 1995 and it is an xw2001 with a kohler magnum engine. she says it has no hour meter but I know she mows a lot with it. Her yard, around her barn, around her 4 acre pond, and around the perimeter of her fenced in 30 acre horse field. and basically "roads" the tractor around her 300 acre property to get to these things. she says she is replacing it because it has gotten weak and has trouble going up the back slope of her pond. I am worried it could be a waste of my money buying a worn out mower just because I am impressed with the name on the sticker. I would appreciate any advice as to things I could do to check it's condition. I think I will perform a compression test hoping to see over 110#. the rear tires are shot I allready know. I wish it had an hourmeter but she says there is none to be found. , thanks for any advice. I will try to post a pic tomorrow.

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Gus,,I think you would be better off looking for a deal else where, the hydraulics and drive motors on a DC can get expensive in a hurry, as could a new engine. I'd look for something with fewer hours on it, sounds like her's has run it's race. although $2K is not a bad price, look further into what its going to cost to bring it back to spec's. Good luck with your choice, and I have nothing against DC,, I own one.
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