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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNPRO2, Oct 25, 2004.


    LAWNPRO2 LawnSite Member
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    guys do any of you guys know of any web sits that have sample photos
    on it like lawns snowplowing ext.... I can not find anything
    if you know of any can you let me know
  2. Flex-Deck

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    What are you looking for sample photos for? Are you going to pawn off some great lawn mowing photos done by someone else to sell your operation? Or are you going to bid a couple of properties to get them, so you have your own photos to show in order to "Sell your operation in the future?"
    Here is a property I bid fairly low just to establish a reputation this summer, and now I am "selling the fact that we mow straight lines with sharp blades and level decks - am also selling fertilizer programs."

    My sales pitch is that they have a nice building, and nice landscaping, but they need someone to lay a nice green carpet and keep it manicured.

    This pic is an area (17 acres behind a mall in West Burlington Iowa) that we only get to mow every two weeks, and they are amazed that we have no windrows of grass.

    I am now selling next year jobs. My bid sheet states that my bid will not be the lowest, but it will be the best, because we keep things mowed level, and we TRIM!!!!!!!!
  3. Flex-Deck

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    [​IMG] One more try at a pic
  4. Runner

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    Ooh! THOSE come out nice! :rolleyes: LOL. I hate that when that happens. That is why you CERtainly don't see a whole lot of pics by me posted on here. To complicated for simple minds like me! lol Someone had once mentioned that with the new vb software, we can't post pictures that we've already posted on here. We either have to redirect them to the thread, or rename the pic filename. I'm not sure, though.
  5. Soupy

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    I have a few. Take a look on my WEBSITE . If you do want to use these, email me through the site and let me know what way you intend to use them. I don't care if you want to use them on a flyer, but nothing else.
  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    Here's One WE do all Winter down south
  7. tonygreek

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    lawnpro, there are tons of sites for photos, but it would help to know the purpose. Images you would typically see on people's sites will not be suitable for printing as they are typically 72dpi whereas for print purposes, 150dpi on the low end, and 300dpi being most suitable.

    either way, you're going to pay (or should) if they are not your own or do not get permission. even the "free" photo sites typically do not allow commercial use.

    just search on "stock photos" or "stock photography", which is the industry standard term. is the largest (getty images) and is also up there (microsoft owned). most offer the ability to purchase lower resolution versions for web publishing at a lower price. higher price for print quality.

  8. walker-talker

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    I don't disagree with using photos other than your own for flyers, postcards or even a website, but if you are trying to pass them off as some of your work....then it's wrong. I also think you should have permission to use the photo.
  9. Flex-Deck

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    Amen Walker Talker
  10. Norm Al

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