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Do you know about Coarse Woody Debris, regarding forests?

  1. I am aware of it, and understand quite a bit

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  2. I have heard about it and understand little or none

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  3. I am totally unfamiliar with the term, regarding forests

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  1. mdvaden

    mdvaden LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Please help conclude an objective determination about what gardenerss are aware of - or what anybody is aware of.

    Anybody every listen to Lars Larson on the radio? Pacific NW - Portland based.

    He was covering Silviculture, logging and forestry today as one topic, and I called in, mentioning "Coarse Woody Debris" or CWD, which is the big dead stuff in the woods. Logs, stumps, dead trees.

    Anyhow, best I can tell, most decisions and negotiations between factions will all involve something that CWD affects - say, that some shrubs in the forest can't reproduce without it, needing the protective bulk as a barrier against browsing deer.

    Anyway, Lars kept trying to shift from that aspect. He made a comment similar to that most people who garden would know about CWD.

    So here's the deal. To avoid speculation, I figured the forums would be one extra way to find out if gardeners really know what Coarse Woody Debris is. The forestry term, not bark mulch.

    A few of the hard-core plant people may know. But, how many of you are comfortably familiar with "Coarse Woody Debris" and its role in the forest?

    How many gardeners do you think really know about it?

    Again, this is not at all the same as "mulch" - whole different concept in the big picture.

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    The individual ego and the group dynamic are in constant disparity, or however it's worded in the commercial.:hammerhead:

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    Gawleee mista, dem sho iz sum big wudz.:laugh: Seriously though, my girlfriend asks that I shave mine... CWD, that is. :laugh:

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