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    curious if anyone can refer me to some good resources for creating a business plan.

    I am making preparations between now and spring to launch a landscape/mowing business in the spring.

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    Tried googling it? I've got mine on my other computer I'll try to post it up or pm it to you sometime to give you an idea to go off of.
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    If possible send it to me to or post it in the thread I read it before and really liked it but can't remember where I saw it at. Thanks
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    Here ya guys go

    Its changed again so don't be too harsh lol

    Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance

    Business Plan- Revised In Feb. 09’

    Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance Business Plan
    Updated Feb. 21 2009

    Table Of Contents

    Introduction Page 3
    Detailed Service Listing Page 4-7
    Caring For Our Customers Page 8
    Equipment Page 9
    Advertising Page 10
    Pricing Policy Page 11
    Company Future Page 12
    Competitors Page 13

    With over four years of experience I would like to introduce you to my company. Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance is a full service lawn and landscape company that is tailored to our customers needs. We offer a service for every season to ensure that the customer’s property is looking the best that it can every day of the year. We service many different “types” of properties, including Mid-Class residential homes, High-End residential homes, and commercial properties. At Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance we take pride in doing a top notch job on our customers property so that it looks spectacular when we pull away. We also do our absolute best to provide these top notch services at an affordable and reasonable price tag. If there is anything a customer needs to have done, weather it is grooming the lawn or changing that light bulb on the porch, we will always be more than happy to help out. Any job big or small, the only name a customer needs to know is Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance.

    Detailed Service Listing:
    At Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance we offer a variety of services to fit our customers needs all year round and ensure that they don’t have to be stressed about all the things that need to get done around the house. Below is a detailed listing of the services that we are currently providing. There may also be minor things that are not in this list, however, if requested and the request is reasonable the service can normally be provided.

    Weekly/Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance:
    This service includes mowing, bagging, and removal of all grass and clippings. Flowerbeds will be raked free of all limbs and leaves to leave a manicured look throughout the week. Trimming and Edging is also performed, and to finish it all off, all hard surfaces are blown free of any debris. We will also remove trash and minor limbs from the customers lawn as well free of charge.

    Flower Bed Watering Systems:
    Most customers are not sure of what this service is, this is an environmentally friendly way to nourish plants and bushes inside of flowerbeds. This system consists of ¼ flexible low-pressure tubing that is ran from a central manifold to individual sprinkler heads throughout the garden. This system uses very little water and ahs been proven to decrease watering bills and hassles. Simply turn the faucet on and let the drip system do the work. These systems are cheap to install as well as maintain.

    Flower Bed Mulch Installation:
    This is the best way to keep that prize flower garden looking perfect all year. During this process we remove all old mulch from the bed, as well as remove any weeds that may have emerged. After removing all the old material, the bed is re-edged for a manicured look, then the new fresh mulch is installed and hand spread to ensure a nice even covering around and in between all plants and fixtures.

    New Landscape Installation:
    A new landscape can totally change the look of a property. There are so many options to installing a new landscape feature, weather it is a simple flower garden a customer wants, or a large one. At Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance we have the capabilities to install a beautiful feature at an affordable price.

    Existing Landscape Maintenance:
    This service ties in with Flower Bed Mulch Installation, but in addition to re-mulching a bed, this service includes pruning and trimming of selected plants and bushes.

    Small Brush Removal:
    In the even of a storm or other even that causes limbs to fall from a tree, we can remove them from the lawn to leave the customers property looking like new once again. Or if there is just that pile behind the garage that was going to the dump before the truck broke down, we can grab that too.

    Leaf Pile Removal:
    This service explains itself. If the customer enjoys raking the leaves themselves but just don’t like the hassle of bagging them up and hauling them to the dump. They can simply rake them all into central piles, call us, and we will be out to remove the leaves from the property.

    Spring Cleanups:
    If a customer wants to get the lawn in shape for the up coming spring and summer season, this service is perfect for that. The typical cleanup is removing any leaves that may be left over from the previous fall, removing any brush that is fallen. We will also trim plants and bushes, re-mulch beds if desired, as well as de-thatch the lawn to get all of that dead grass out of the equation. This service can be altered in many different ways to fit the customers desire.

    Fall Cleanups:
    This includes removal of all leaves from the lawn and flower beds. Bed mulching can bush trimming can be performed as well during this process if so desired by the customer.

    Lawn Overseeding:
    If the customer likes to have a lush green lawn during the growing season, this service can do just that. We can overseed a lawn with a slit seeder, which cuts vertical incisions into the ground and drops the seed of choice.

    Core Aeration:
    One of the main keys to having a nice green lawn is air. If the roots cannot get air the grass cannot grow as hearty as it could otherwise. This service removes round “plugs” of earth and deposits them on top of the lawn enabling water to get down to the roots of the grass and as well as allowing the roots to breath therefore growing stronger and greener grass.

    Gutter Cleaning:
    The clogging of gutters can lead to premature rotting of the wood on a customers home. As well as cause “rutting” below the gutter where the water flows over the top of it from the drain spout being clogged up. During this service we remove all debris from the gutter and downspout, then run water through the system to ensure that it is completely free of clogs and debris.

    Bush & Shrub Trimming:
    During the course of this service, we will trim the customer’s bushes and/or shrubbery and haul away all clippings and debris to ensure a clean, manicured look when we leave the property.

    New Tree & Plant Installation:
    Weather it is a pallet of annuals or a new tree by the back patio that needs to be planted, at Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance we have the capabilities to complete the task on time and in a costly manner.

    Caring For Our Customers:
    At Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance our customer’s mean everything to us, we don’t have a problem spending that extra ten minutes on a customer’s property to fix that last little detail that makes everything look perfect. Our customers will receive a series of letters throughout the season including listings of new services, scheduling notifications etc.

    Customers will have my cell phone number in case the event of something happening that would require our immediate attention or an unplanned change in a schedule, we will always try our absolute hardest to accommodate a customers needs. If payment is an issue, since we are a relatively small company, we are willing to accept late payments within a reasonable amount of time at no additional fees. Each customer also receives a receipt after a service is provided to retain for their records. If a customer is unhappy with a service or the way it was completed, I will have a discussion with the customer to see what it is that was not satisfactory, and do anything and everything within my power to fix the problem and make it right so the customer encounters no further inconveniences.

    Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance’s Equipment:
    At Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance we believe in having our equipment in top running condition and looking its best all season long. Our equipment consists of just about anything we need to get any job done. If we don’t have it, we find it and complete the job the correct way.

    Trucks: Our main truck is a 1994 Ford F-150 that is outfitted with proper materials and supplies to get the job done. Also as a backup, we have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 that is used for work if the main truck were to ever be out of commission for a period of time.

    Mowers: We have a total of five mowers, one 36”, one 46”, and three 21”. Our main mower is the 36” Gravely which was purchased during the 2008 season. All of these mowers are ready to go and do a quality job in the event of a break down on a primary machine.

    Trimmers/Edgers: We have a total of two trimmers, both are in great shape and ready to handle any task we need them to. We also plan to purchase a stick edger during the spring of 2009 to make our edges just that much more manicured and perfect.
    Blowers: We also have a total of three leaf blowers, two which were purchased brand new during the summer of 2008. The remaining blower was purchased back in 2003 but is still maintained and prepared to run at top condition and perform on the front line if necessary.
    Other: We have a variety of misc. equipment that is needed to get the job done.

    Advertising plays a key factor at Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance, we have a variety of different methods as to attract a good customer base and further build our company. During the first few weeks of February we hand out approximately 150 flyers to high end and mid class residential homes. During the beginning few weeks of March we distribute another 150 flyers to the same target homes. About mid March, we will run weekly ads in the county wide paper that state a few of our services and contact information. We generally get a decent return from the newspaper ad. We also have lawn signs that we place at our select properties in busy locations. Our customers are also involved in a referral program that will give them an incentive to tell their piers about Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance. Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance also has a website that can provide potential customers with a list of services as well as pictures of work that we have completed. Throughout the duration of the season, customers are given numerous business cards that they can distribute if they desire. Our vehicle also has decals which provide our company name and number for potential customers.

    Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance’s Pricing Policy:
    At Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance we do our best to ensure that the pricing is fair to both us and our customers. Lawn Maintenance pricing is based on a few things, size of lawn, amount of edging and trimming that needs to be done. As well as the cleanup process. A written estimate is provided for all services, the estimate is valid for 30 days after customer has received the estimate. After that period of time the estimate may be reinstated with approval from management at Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance. Landscape services are priced a little differently than normal maintenance. We set our prices based on the cost per materials to complete the job, as well as how long we estimate for it to take us to complete the project. As with maintenance, written estimates are presented and invalid after 30 days but may be reinstated with approval of Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance management.

    Company Future Development:
    We plan to grow and further develop our company over the next few years. However, we only plan to grow the company as applicable. During the spring of 2009 we plan to purchase a new STIHL FC-75 stick edger for approximately $329.00. This will enable us to leave a cleaner more manicured and professional edge along hard surfaces and also along flower beds. That will hopefully be the only major purchase for the 2009 season aside from other set expenses. During the 2010 season we plan to replace our Husqvarna string trimmer with a new STIHL FS-80R trimmer for approximately $299.00. Providing things go well during the 2009 and 2010 season, we will plan to purchase a one ton Ford F-350 dump truck. This truck will get lettering to promote the company, as well as a snow plow, and warning lights for safety on busy roads and during the winter while plowing snow. This truck will be black with silver metallic colored lettering on the doors. During the fall season the dump bed of the truck will more than likely get high sides on it for the purpose of being able to haul away more leaves and other debris from job sites. The next few years for the company will all be based on how much work is completed. The items which we plan to purchase are pictured below.

    The Truck The Trimmer The Edger

    Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance has approximately seven to eight competitors here in El Dorado. However, the competitors do not concern us due to the fact that we take the extra time to do the little tiny details that other companies may not bother to do. At Kennedy Landscaping & Maintenance we try our hardest to make our company unique compared to others. We strive to provide a top notch service and great customer service. If we say we will be there to do a job, we will be there. We also try to occasionally band together with other competitors in town to complete a job that could not be handled properly by one company alone.
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    That isnt really a business plan. Sayin advertising is key and that you hope to grow is wishfull thinking...not a plan. It seems like 90% advertisement and 10% not really sure. I mean..if you were trying to get a loan..your plan would be 1 step above writing it in Kleenex. I mean no disrespect..there just arent any numbers involved..growth projections..operating expenses, all the important stuff.
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    Like I said its changed a ton. My new one has all the numbers and good stuff like that in it. This one is just a "basic" "structure" to go from.
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    Maybe it would be feasible to take some classes a community college geared toward business startup? I'm working on my B.S. in Business Management with plans to graduate next December. This coming spring semester I'll be taking a class geared fully to those of us wanting to start our own business with a large project dedicated to developing a successful business plan.

    Sorry if my post didn't really contribute. But I guess my point was that I will be developing one next semester, and it might be beneficial to take a few classes.
  8. mdlwn1

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    Its a process, but the Small Business Association is priceless for that kind of stuff
  9. Allens LawnCare

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    Man, I started my business plan about a month ago, still not done. They want everything including your right testicle, left forearm and your first born. I'll pay someone to finish mine.
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    I'm also in the process of writing mine up. I'm glad that business degree is now paying itself off.

    The small business admin has some good pointers.

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