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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tanaka, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Tanaka is in the process of developing its new PF3 line of PureFire low emission two-stroke engines. In doing so, we would like your input on the new TBC-260PF (tentative model #) 25cc grass trimmer.

    So, please comment on what you would like to see. Here are a few feature / benefit categories to comment on:

    Noise Level (A little quieter or as quiet as 4-stroke or doesn't matter)

    Throttle style

    Throttle Lock (Y or N)

    Trimmer Head (Bump, Quick-feed, Automatic)

    Trimmer Line (Quiet line, Green Monster, or Factory supplied)

    Front handle (padded, non-padded, offset, low profile, high profile)

    Warranty (1, 2, or higher commercial warranty)

    Shaft color (black or aluminum)

    Handle grip on shaft (remain the same, TBC-230 style, or something else)

    Cutting Head Guard


    Thanks for your input. We'll post period updates on your / our progress.

  2. traman

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    1) longer shaft like 63 inches
    2) larger fuel cell 20 oz.
    3) no choke start up, just prime and go
    4) clockwise turning head , never seen one on a straight shaft trimmer
  3. lawnMaster5000

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    Noise level for me is not a real big deal, but quieter is always nice

    Throttle style - no comment

    Lock - half lock could be useful for some people when starting but I feel it just gets in the way when i accidentally hit it

    Bump Head or a Good Auto Feed

    Line doesn't matter, I will use whatever I use now anyway - I would think some company would give you line as advertising for them.

    Handle - curved and non padded, the pad wears away and is too sticky (my hand gets blisters faster)

    I like the 1-2 years but may be willing to pay more for longer, not sure what the trade off expense is.

    Color, aluminum is fine, that way scratches don't show

    unsure of current

    Head guard - small but well designed can prove effective

    I definitely want a larger cutting area to be made available. I will be willing to carry more weight for better torque and longer line length.
  4. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    For trimmer noise, it doesn't really matter on how loud it is as we should all be wearing hearing protection anyway. Just as long as it doesn't scream so loud the customers and surrounding neighbors get annoyed.

    For throttle style, I like the setup Redmax has with the heavy duty throttle that is bendable so it doesn't break easy. Also no safety switchs on the throttle if possible. They tend to get in the way and don't allow users to comfortably move there hand position around a lot. A throttle lock would be great, but I would really like to see one that allows you to lock the throttle at different speeds. I hardly find myself, line trimmer screaming going wide open in most residential lawns. A big rubber grip would be nice. Not the really squishy ones that end up tearing or wearing out fast, but a real durable big hand grip. Kind of like the ones on the TBC-230, but longer.

    Trimmer head, I like bump feed myself. Maybe make an option of either being able to switch between 4" and 6" heads or providing one of each at the time of purchase. I like 6" heads but find at times I wish I had a smaller 4" head to get in tight places. In any event a very long lasting durable bump knob is very important. Either cheap replacements or super wear resistant bump knobs would be the way to go. I go through far too many of these. Why they make most of the knobs hallow is beyond me. Also a grease fitting would be nice to have for the trimmer head.

    Trimmer line, doesn't matter to me. Just make sure the eyelets are metal and are capable of using various sizes of trimmer line and can hold as much as possible.

    Front handle, I find the low profile D-shaped handle to be the most versatile and comfortable handles (not the curved D-shape but the bent one, \_/) . Would like to see something that does a great job of absorbing the vibration, yet is some what flexible to avoid breaking. Ever see how some chainsaws handles are on springs? Something like that would be good for the vibration issue.

    For warranty issues, I would like to see a 3 year warranty. I have yet to have a line trimmer have problems within a 2 year period even with tons of hours. Ideally any customer is going to want the longest warranty possible, but obviously there must be a realistic one. So 3 years I feel is fair.

    Shaft color, I'd prefer aluminum only because I would think the black would absorb the sun a lot more making the it hotter.

    Cutter head guard, as a manufacturer I'm sure you don't like to hear this, but most lco's take these off. I think there are several reasons that this happens. 1. People's Visibility is very limited with them on.
    2. The attitude of the more line I can run the better.
    3. They are gaudy and get in the way when maneuvering around things.
    4. They line cutter itself breaks off or does a really bad job of cutting the line in the first place.
    Personally I leave mine on. But if the above issues would be considered, I feel more people would leave them on too. Not only are they a safety issue, but they limit you to the proper length of trimmer line to keep the load and the rpms in range. My advice is to design the trimmer to allow as much line out as possible, improve visibility, lessen the bulkiness, and keep the operator and bystanders safe.

    1. An easily removed spark arrester as they always clog.
    2. Lightweight as possible
    3. Well balanced
    4. Powerful
    5. Gas usage efficient
    6. Simple and easy to work on design.
    7. Durable
    8. As little vibration as possible.
    9. Comfortable for both Right and Left handed users.
    10. Dependable
    11. Comfortable for tall and short people.

    Hope this helps Mark. These are just my opinions as many others may differ from mine. Its great that your company is listening to the people who use these products everyday to make a living.
  5. lawnboy dan

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    i like the idea of a longer shaft. less reaching and eaiser on the back. make the throttle break proof like sthil(the only thing going for their weedeaters). make the gaurd as small and light weight as possible and allow it to move up and down the shaft. (this way people can move it to allow a little extra line to be let out and mabey they will leave the gaurd on!)keep the overall weight down as muchh as possible like husky does and your new trimmer will be a winner in my book.
  6. ed2hess

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    Momentary off switch so you can push to kill but it resets to on position. Light weight as possible and low vibration and noise suppressed. Make the unit easy to repair and use common parts with other filter, vents, gas line, gas caps etc.
  7. qualitylawnmanagement

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    A week and half ago I bought an echo and it came with a head where you just had to cut strips of line and put them in the hole on the head. I thought this was helpful takes me 5seconds to change the line in and out if I already have line cut up. Make it quiet cause there are some mornings I go and cut residential's at 7:30 and it's nice to not hear all of our equipment on the job site. Make it light, and a two year warranty. Good luck on your new product, I'll be sure to try it out.
  8. Killswitch

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    Bring Back The Brain Head.

    And increase your dealer network!
  9. LLandscaping

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    I would like to see larger fuel tanks and a lightweight but powerful trimmer.
  10. Olylawnboy

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    What I would like to see is a trimmer with a articulating head. I trim beds with my line trimmer but find the position that I have to hold the machine to trim vertically to be rather cumbersome to say the least. I would sure like to hold the trimmer with the same comfort as trimming horizontally. This would work well for crews that have shorter or taller folks. And of coarse if they like to edge beds with a trimmer.
    And yes I have stick edgers but IMO they don't cut near as good of an edge as a line trimmer on beds.
    Also, if you could fill a spool with line on a "real machine" like a cheapo Ryobi that I saw a few years back, feed the line in and wind the bump head without taking it apart, that would be icing on the cake.
    Well that's my .02 to add to the other good suggestions :)
    Oh, what ever became of the sidewalk edger you were asking suggestions for?

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