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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by gryhnd, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Please help!!! I cannot imagine anyone else is going through this chore (which is having a terrible amount of grass stuck under the mower every time we run it).

    We moved to TN a few years ago. I guess we are cutting roughly 5 acres total, although it is all split up (not one connected area).

    Bought a Husqvarna riding mower from HD. Bought a mulching kit as I do not like to leave alot of clippings on the ground.

    It is so humid here in the summer that there is a very small window to even try to find a time when the grass is dry to cut, but normally I only try to cut it when it is as dry as possible, I will usually stop if I see any moisture on the tires. But it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    It seems that we have Bermuda grass at least in some areas - it all went dormant last fall, so that's our guess. I hate it! The sunniest sections are the worst. There are alot of weeds this spring also, seems more each year. The only place the grass seems a little nicer, "normal" is areas of shade.

    If we try to use the mulching kit, less clippings are on the grass, but the underneath of the mower is just a nightmare, I have to clean it out every time I cut, and with this size lawn, I am generally cutting at least 3 days out of seven. We tried using water to get the underneath clean, but worried we are going to rust out the machine. So I try to get it on car ramps and scrape with whatever I can find. It is ridiculous, and I cannot imagine other people are having to spend this much time cleaning the underneath of their mower. If we don't clean it, well the stench is unbelievable and it will clog up. If I back up while mowing, usually a giant clump of grass is left behind (which I will do on purpose to try to get some of it off the mower while cutting) Try to keep the grass cut as short as possible. Even with the mulching kit off, it's far from ideal.

    Is there any type of mower that would not have this grass buildup underneath? Do we need some sort of commercial mower?

    I would be so grateful for any suggestions. I am at my wit's end with this already and I've only cut the entire area once so far, I'm never going to make it through the summer :( It doesn't bother my husband so much but he's not doing most of the cutting either. It is bad enough to spend hours cutting the grass, but to have to try to clean out the mower each time, sometimes more than once the same day; well, I just cannot imagine other people are doing this.
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    A lot of people on here use fluid film. You can get it in A spray or by the gallon to brush on your deck it's environmentally friendly. But you might be better of taking your mulch kit off and using fluid film.
  3. SouthernRoots_Lawn&Garden

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    i agree with the above i had the same problem with my mower and i cleaned it really good 1 day then soaked the deck in silicone spray and let it dry and its been fine since
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    You could side sidcharge instead of mulch, that would probably help a lot. I have a 21" mower, used to mulch and had to clean a lot, switched to the chute and have not cleaned since.
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    Hire a landscaper,let him worry about the clumping.

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