Help ! Do any of you guys have any sample letters you sent to commercial accounts

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jplawnservice2005, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. jplawnservice2005

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    I want to basically send letters to the near by commercial businesses in my area. I would really like to get some pointers or even a sample letter, i'm aware that i should put the my liabilty insurance copy and how much its worth, but if any of you guys can help or even send me a letter u wrote to near by business , if so that would be great thanks send a link or e-mail it to me at
  2. Gudtimes

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    I'm also looking for an example letter. Thanks in advance.
  3. TScapes

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    (Company Letter Head & Logo)


    Dear (Property Owner or Manager’s Name),

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to (Name of your company). I am enclosing a brochure for your review regarding our company and the many services we provide. Please feel free to keep it handy for any future references regarding our services. Our (location) office has been (how long you’ve been in the business), however, we have made a serious commitment to the region and our plans are for continued growth throughout the neighboring states.
    One of our premier clients that you may be familiar with in the immediate area is (Client Reference). Our relationship with (This Reference) has allowed us to open the (Location) office, and also be a base of operations for our (Extended Market) region, as well. My company is very well versed in the retail, community development and commercial office park management. With our creative and detail oriented eyes, we are able to provide our customers with an award winning landscape that meets and exceeds all expectations.
    (Property Owner/Manager), let me just cut to the chase. I would like the opportunity to present you with a bid for landscape services on any or all of you properties. I would also like the opportunity to put in a bid in on some of the installation work that you may need on all of the new construction sites. All I am asking for is an opportunity to show you how I can improve your quality and make your investment stand apart from your competition. I am very familiar with the regional landscaping image, as I have resided in the surrounding area for the last thirteen years. I feel confident that I can work within any budget constraints that you might have for each individual property. All I am simply asking for is the opportunity to earn your trust and your business.
    Thank you for your time and attention regarding this matter. I look forward to hearing from you. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me on my cell phone, (######).

    Respectfully Yours,

    (Company Name)
  4. TScapes

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    This was a sample letter that I used once at a National Company. You can get the idea from its content. Good Luck!
  5. daveyo

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    Every commercial account I ever landed was because I went inside and introduced myself then asked for a number of the owner or district manager. That's not to say they won't tell you to put in a bid like everyone else. However, I always ask for the years previous bid and not once did they say no. From there I can see if it's going to be worth it to even bid on the job

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