Help! Dog pee is darkening grass!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikec82, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. mikec82

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    We have a 7 pound yorkie who regularly pees in a 20 square foot portion of our back yard. The problem is, that grass is getting very patchy (dark green grass mixed with lighter green grass). See attached picture. Would spreading lime on the yard help any to even out the difference between the two? Is it too late to spread lime? I've heard it's better to spread it in Dec/Jan. Any other recommendations?

  2. ericjd

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    It's the nitrogen that makes the peed-on grass greener. Fertilize the rest of the yard in spring and summer to match the additional nutrients the dog is adding. Or you can just keep a hose handy near the door and spray down that area after you let the dog do his business, which will dilute the pee some.
  3. TuffWork

    TuffWork LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dogs = bad yard

    end of story
  4. mikec82

    mikec82 LawnSite Member
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    I'll tell my wife we'll be giving away our dog this afternoon haha
  5. Robert Pruitt

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    The Vet can give you a pill to give the dogs,to deluthe the chemicals in their urine.
  6. Lefet

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    Yeah, that would go over well in my house too!! :nono:
  7. sehitchman

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    Don't drug the dog, drug the wife so she only sees pretty colors, then she'll never notice the color difference in the yard.
  8. ron mexico75

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    She might not notice a lot of other things either.

    You gotta spray the area down with water right after they go. Could always spray liquid iron to get a quick dark green up. Temporary though
  9. dishboy

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    from zone 6
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    That may cut the acid to keep from burning , but I doubt that will effect the Urea content , or the actual N .
  10. TuffWork

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    don't get me wrong: I have several people that I keep their yards looking great with dogs, but I definitely wouldn't go through the trouble at my place!

    Isn't drugging the wife always a good idea in general? I mean, umm.... don't listen to me

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