help echo 230 question


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trying to find out if the echo230 is suitable for commercial and if so what is the difference in it and the 260. For now I can't find a 260 but found a 230 for 269.oo. is this a good price? thanks Bill


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Toronto, Canada
The Echo SRM230 is a good unit for commercial use but the SRM260 is better due to a more powerful engine, a steel shaft and lighter weight. If you are doing a lot of trimming and heavy cutting with the trimmer, I would go with the 260, otherwise the 230 should be fine. Here, in Canada, Home Depot is selling the SRM 230 for $400 Canadian, about $260 American. They have a special deal whereby you can get the trimmer and pay nothing for a year. Do they have the same deal in the U.S.? Good luck.


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I just bought an SRM 230 and love it. Unless you are doing some serious brush cutting with it I think you will be happy w/ the 230. Price in AZ was $269.


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we bought two srm260's last season. both immediately went in the shop to have the carbs replaced. we have been using echos for more than a decade and loved them. that's why it pains me to say, after this experience, i would recommend looking at a different manufacturer. maybe redmax or huskqvarna, until i am %100 percent positive that echo has fixed their problems.

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I've used a 230 commercially for 2 years now and still no problems.

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