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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by fireman608, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. fireman608

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    Hey guys I need a little help. I am trying to get a lawn established for myself. I bought 5 acres last year that was clear cut many years ago and had a lot of growth on it when I bought it-sweetgums, small pines and oaks, briars and brush. I have placed my mobile home on the land and have been bush hogging the yard. I have a lot of small stumps a buddy of mine is going to push up with a dozer in late August early September. My plan is to go with rye grass for the winter because it will take a while to get the stumps up, fill in holes and grade the land like I want it. I plan on laying a couple of pallets of sod around the trailer soon. I want to get Bermuda established next spring by using seed. Questions: This fall should I mow it as low as possible, spray it, disk it, grade it and then spread rye grass? Of course I will get a soil sample, fertilize and cover seed as directed.

    Soil is clay sand mix
    Briars, poison ivy, some bermuda and some type of weeds that resemble cotton
  2. Smallaxe

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    is spring the time to do bermuda???
  3. Grasssales2001

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    You can lay bermuda sod year round. Mix some unhulled bermuda seed with your rye grass and save yourself some work.
  4. RAlmaroad

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    I live for jobs like this. Do whatever it takes to get all of those roots, stumps, and everything out. Push them up and burn or take them to a land fill. I prefer to burn as the minerals are still there after the fire. Treegirl who used to post here was a great one also for clearing stuff--I wish she would still chime in every now and then.
    Anyway make sure that all of the bad stuff is gone. before you do anykind of grass establishing. Is your land close to any run off areas? wetlands? If so, I'd check with the county office on what should be done. Run off of chemicals is bad new for water.
    Another thing that might be considered is to let pulp wood cutters in for the winter if a paper mill is close bye.
    Nothing better that hiring a D-9 cat to make quick work of the stumps. You wouldn't belief how quick those things can work. Make sure you control, contain and clean up your fire, should you do so.
    Bermuda would be a good choice for hot climates. There are several varieties, but I don't treat Bermuda.
    Call a reputable company to sow it, if you don't have the equipment.
    Good for you on cleaning up trash land and establishing a home.
  5. RigglePLC

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    I am too far north to be of much help. Do you have underground sprinkling? A long hose and 3 rotary sprinklers? Good well? Creek? Bermuda loves heat...lay the sod near the house now, if you can water it. When you have the stumps cleared, grade, spray, disk and seed on the remaining area. Ryegrass does best if the temp in the fall comes down below 85. In spring, you must wait until temps are consistently above 85 for Bermuda seed. Kill the rye; then seed the Bermuda.
  6. fireman608

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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys. Been working and I have not had time to read the replies. Like I said a friend will hopefully take care of the stumps. I believe I can get a few guys to split an 18 wheeler of sod with me. I don't have the funds for a whole load. I don't have to worry about any run-off near me. I plan on piling up the stumps and roots and burning them this winter. I am on county water with no sprinkler system. It will be hoses and portable sprinklers for me. I have a push spreader for the bermuda that I will use. I believe it will cover better than a whirly bird.

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