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    I recently moved in a house on 1 acre and I have been shopping this summer for a good quality mower. After looking at many different makes/models available from the big box stores and some local dealers, I was lucky enough to have a hustler dealer in my town that I decided to visit. I took a test drive of a mini fastrack and I'm impressed enough with my experience and what I've found online (including this forum) that I'm willing to pay more than I had intended to get a hustler mft or ft.

    My dealer in town is quoting about $100 under the MSRP listed on this forum which seems a little high (I found this forum after the visit and I haven't tried to haggle yet), so I've tried to find other dealers in my error using the "find a dealer" link on the hustler site, but I get a url filtering error when I try to access that link.

    Can someone help me find dealers in my area - zip code 78642? I would like to get a few phone quotes before I talk to my local dealer again and I would consider taking a trip to pickup a mower for the right price.

    I really only need a mft for my current needs, but I'm considering the ft because we may move to more acreage (2-3) in a few years and I hope this will be the last mower that I have to buy for a very long time.

    Randall C.
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    5 Closest Dealers

    1. Bill's Tractor (Liberty Hill)
    2000 Loop 332
    Liberty Hill, TX 78642
    +1 512 515 6635
    1.80 miles from the center

    2. Twin Lakes Tractor
    3000 S. Fort Hood Street
    Killeen, TX 76542
    +1 254 634 8080
    29.82 miles from the center

    3. C. Lindy Jackson Sales & Service
    818 Hwy 2900
    Kingsland, TX 78639
    +1 325 388 3664
    30.49 miles from the center

    4. Beechem Equipment, Inc.(Temple)
    3509 North Third Street
    Temple, TX 76501
    +1 254 742 1212
    47.09 miles from the center

    5. Blanco Valley
    2400 Hwy 281 North
    Blanco, TX 78606
    +1 830 833 1504
    50.97 miles from the center

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