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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jon99, May 1, 2005.

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    Was at an auction last weekend and one of the items was a really nice Lesco spreader, knew those things sold for over $300 and when I had the chance to get it for $45 I grabbed it..

    So, as a solo LCO, spreading dry seems very easy but if I am going to get my license, I feel I might as well do liquid as well... Whats the cost of a small tank/sprayer set up???? Cost of insurance??? And most important, how did you guys learn to spray??? And what are the regulations as to what I can and can not spray/spread for practice without a license?? Can I do my neighbors??? Family members??? Friends?? Obviously I am a little nervous about entering this aspect of the business..
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    Use the search function, you will find your answers there. If you have questions about the content of those threads you find, then post them in the relevant thread.

    Lawnsite also has an "Elements of Business" and "Just Starting in Business" forums which are good places to do a search for the info you are seeking.

    You will find that if you make the effort to answer your own question first, and ask specific questions, the seasoned pro's will be far more likely to help you.

    So, grab a tasty beverage, and start searching.


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