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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnTamer, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Hi all,
    I've been looking into a Quick 36 for a while now, but I have a weird question.

    Why are they so wide? Looking at the dimensions listed on BOPs website, it appears the Q36 is actually 39" wide. What is it that makes the Q36 3 extra inches? I have a couple 36" mowers, they are just under 37" wide, and barely fit through many gates.
    If I bought a Q36, could I modify the width? Is there a removable side piece or something? What exactly protrudes past the blades?
  2. LawnNeedz

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    There is a discharge shoot welded into the deck adding a couple of inches. You can't remove it, but to be honest I have never had any trouble getting into gated yards with it. I have a few that I have to maneuver just right but it still fits. Hope this helps.
  3. Howard Roark

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    Gary has answered this before on this site, or you can simply contact him directly. To provide a true 36" cut that means the blades must span that width from end to end, in which case on a Quick means 3 blades. Then you have the deck, it's thickness, and such. He can explain it far better than I, all I know is we make a ton of money with his mower, and it fits in every "standard" size gate, at least here in Central Texas. Do yourself a favor and if you're serious, just call them and ask. They also have a 32 model coming soon. If the Q36 works for you it will be your best investment you could have made.

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