Help Generating New Customers / finding commercial bids

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ziob, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Ziob

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    hi guys,
    just curious what your methods are during the winter and early spring months for not only generating new lawn/landscape customers for the upcoming season but also finding the commercial bids in your area.

    I typically send out a flyer to all my current customers late winter / early early spring as part of a referral program where if they refer a new customer they get there first mowing half off as does the new customer. Any other ideas would be helpful outside of just a mass mailing of a flyer.

    Also the big one how do you guys track down the commercial accounts that go out to bid i find in our area if you don't know someone you tend to not even find out about it.

  2. Ziob

    Ziob LawnSite Member
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    also how do you guys find a list of the recent houses sold in the area thinking its worth a shot to send out a flyer to people when they first purchase a home in the area.

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