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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by chris brauch, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Leland lawn
    If I don't get a new mower financed I will be forced to use what I have now toro 21" push mower and 42"husqvarna lawn tractor hydrostatic. I don't mind using it UNTIL I can save cash for a used walk behind but it looks very unprofessional and I don't feel like a lawn professional. But I am not doing any commercial work right now, only light residential accounts. So if I got financed, what about a residential exmark 42" dual hydro sit down zero turn with a Kawasaki motor and a three year warranty? It's about 3,000
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    Ok, i understand what you're saying. That's kind of a hard situation. I can't say its a good idea for you to buy anything residential. That exmark would be the same as the toro, since they're basically the same mower. (same owners and all) Do you think you could sell you Husqvarna tractor for much, or did you want to keep it? Cause if you could get closer to the $5k price range, a whole bunch of mowers become an option for you. Also where are you thinking of getting this financing? Have you been per-approved yet? I recommend joining a small bank or credit union and seeing if you could get a small business loan. I'm not saying that you should get into more debt then you need to, or more then you can handle, but if that's what you need to keep things going and growing then it could make sense.

    I know that someone mentioned it on here before, but have you considered the new 30" Toro Turfmaster? Its commercial. Comes with the amazing 6hp Kawasaki looks very heavy duty and professional, plus the cut quality is supposed to be amazing. I plan on demoing one soon, and if everything checks out, buy 2 of them for this coming season.
    You could do the same. Financing both of them for just over $3k. Of coarse it could be a little slower then your tractor, but then you'd just have to keep an employee with for $8-10 an hour.
  3. chris brauch

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    A 30" just wouldn't be large enough for most of my lawns. I'm just going to stick with the lawn tractor until I can save up some cash for a good used walk behind maybe 1500 range
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  4. KnK

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    chris, just bought a 06-07 scag wildcat with 1700 hours 26 kawasaki liquid,for 200 bucks, needs some work but works great
  5. chris brauch

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    That's motivating!
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    In 1994 i started with a box store 22 push mower with 8 lawns,95 i moved up to a snapper 21 push mower with 22 lawns then 96 moved up to a snapper 21 self propelled mower with 28 lawns in 97 hired a helper with two snapper self propelled mowers for 35 lawns in 98 helper left then i bought a new toro 36 belt drive for about 2,999.00 then in 2000 bought a bobcat 48 belt drive.2001 bought a 36 bobcat belt drive and sold my toro for 1,800 that money went towards a 2002 48 hydro bobcat and sold my 48 belt drive for 2,200 and that money went to buy an 36 snapper hydro in 2003 sold my bobcat 36 belt drive for 1,350 that money went to a 2008 snapper 48 floating deck hydro for 3,999 so the moral of the story use quality equipment to do a good job. All this equipment was paid for with cash no loans it took time but it worked out well i now have about 90 clients and 45,000 worth of equipment all paid for cash so build slowly and don't stress out with a loan if mower breaks then your pay for something that not generating cash flow also try and have two of everything then there no down time, take it slow make good financial decision's you will be better off in the long run you have to crawl before you can walk good luck have a safe season :usflag:
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