Help, grass being slaughtered by disease!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ShawnDH, Jul 22, 2005.

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    I've got a newly sodded yard of Tall Fescue that's about two months old. It had been doing pretty good in the Atlanta GA heat but now it's really taking a beating with diseases after all these extened rain periods. It looks like leaf spot and there's melting out from what I can see. Some areas lay down flat and die, other areas get spotty with these varying shade spots that are like purple fading to gold in the middle of the blades of grass and a lot of it eventually dies. This is pretty serious. I don't recall any areas that were hit recoving too well.

    So far I've used three treatments of Scotts fungus control in two week intervals. It doesn't help much. I've followed the directions on the bag to a T and no real results.

    From what I've read, I know there's not much I can do to stop it now besides not overwatering and cutting at the right height and all that. But what could be causing this to break out like this? Is there something that needs to be done to my soil this fall that can prevent this? I did a soil test and everything before I laid this sod and it looked fine - pH was right btwn 6&7. I'm already thinking about renting a Bob Cat, tearing this up, and laying a zoysia turf. I HATE Fescue! :angry:
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    Don't panic.It's summertime in the south.Fescue is a cool season grass.It will recover.You might overseed in the fall to cover any damage,but that's just the way it is with fescue in hot climates.I'll bet come fall your fescue will be doing fine.Don't give up on it yet.
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    I havent found that Scotts granular to be worth a flip (and expensive.) I prefer liquid applications; still have Daconil left, but replacements are nearly as good. Spay in late afternoon after it cools off, and it will work all night. If it hits mid 90'2 you will get some burn, but thats the price you pay. I love fescue, but it is a pain in the ass here in ATL. If you start the applications early enough to keep it from gaining on you, it is controlable, once it starts strong though, it is hard to contain. Lastly, without seeing, it is impossible to say, but I have seen much more dollar spot this year than anything.... Good luck

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