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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Decoste76, Oct 28, 2010.

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    Just got a call from a client that wanted us to aerate oversseed and fertlize his 50,000 sq ft. property and just send him the invoice for it costing 1635$ he isnt happy about it and i think mainly its my own fault for tell him what it was going to cost. but he was pretty set on having it done and never asked for a price? What should i do?
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    You could send him an itemized bill with everything you did. On it, put some stuff that you done for free but have a cost affixed to it. We all have plenty of these; whether it be product or labor. This bill should greatly exceed your actually cost so that he could see that he got a bargain. Wait, as other may have a better plan.
    I was in business for a long time and during that time attended some very expensive business seminars in DC and other places. Rule#1 is to give a price and justify that price by your services. If client is unhappy with it then you'll never have to worry. Rule#2--collect half up front as money spent is money gone so that the balance is not so big. Rule#3--Handle objections before they arrise--that is the up front money should be justified in PARTICAL EXPENSE OF PRODUCT.
    Something that hardly anyone does is to invest in the business of business. Worth every dime you spend.

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