Help!!! Help me pick a new power washer

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by SAWFISH, Dec 5, 2019.


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    Just a homeowner here. Don’t want to spend a boat load but would rather spend a little more up front and be happier in the long run. just need to power wash the usual, house, pole barn, vehicles, mother in laws house, etc.... (garage floor)
    Currently looking at a Gererac 4200 psi / 4 gal pm and a Vortexx 2750 psi / 3 gal pm with a Honda 200 cc engine.
    Looks like they both have a AR triplex pump, different model pumps but not sure which one is better.. one thing I have read is that the 4 gal pm is thirsty and it’s hard to keep it fed when cranked up. the Generac is on sale for $888.00 ish and the Vortexx is 950.00 could get 10% off this..
    I believe the Vortexx has a alum frame and is made in the USA (Detroit?)
    The Generac is from a big box store and the Vortexx is from a local mom and pop store (which also services Generac)
    Looking for thoughts on these 2 units and others.
    Thanks for any input..
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    I only pressure wash my concrete once a year and lightly spray side I just picked up a sun joe electric at wal mart on a black Friday deal for 68$.its a downgrade from my gas.thought I'd give it a shot for the price.i did see good you tube reviews on the higher end models but didn't feel like paying the 150$ for Amazon deal.i know I'm not answering your questions, just saying in the future you may want to downgrade to electric so if you do,maybe look at electric now. I mainly have to many damn mowers and am kicking gas pressure washer to curb to save a little space.
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    Just make sure to get something with a name brand pump (General, AR, Cat, Comet, etc.) In particular, I'd stay away from the DeWalt pressure washers with "AAA" pumps. Not impressed with those pumps at all.

    I personally am running a Pressure Pro E-Series, 4000 PSI/4 GPM with General pump. But like many users on this site, I am a commercial operator.
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    As for the Generac and Vortexx:

    - Engines: You're looking at a Honda GX series (Vortexx) and a copy of the Honda GX series (Generac.) Both are very good engines. The genuine Honda is better of course, but I am not knocking the Generac at all. Biggest issue with it will probably be parts availability (if it breaks down, it will spend more time in the shop waiting on parts.) Either engine will be fine for your application.

    Pumps: Both are AR, but the model on the Generac is commercial grade whereas the Vortexx is "prosumer" grade. Honestly, I was a bit surprised by this, seeing as the Vortexx has a commercial engine. They probably did it to save on costs. Again, either will work fine, but I'd be leaning towards the pump on the Generac. It will last longer, and has adjustable pressure (handy feature.)

    If I had to choose between just these two, I'd pick the Generac. More power, better pump.

    If you are open to other brands/models, the best ones will have a Honda GX series engine and a name brand pump with adjustable pressure.

    One last note: stay away from Honda GC series engines. Poorly designed and difficult to work on.
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    You can get all you need for $300 or less from Lowe's

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