Help! How do I work around this sprinkler system?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Woerner Turf, Jun 27, 2003.

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    I am going to sod a 26,000 sq. ft. area with St. Augustine. Before I sod though, I will bring in enough topsoil to raise the grade about 4 inches in one rather large low spot that collects water after a rain. This water was keeping any grass from growing in that spot.

    O.K. The question: What do you guys think the best way is to:

    #1 till and remove the existing sod within the entire 26,000 sq ft area for sod prep?
    #2 spread and grade about 40- 50 yards of topsoil in this one low spot?

    The catch is that there is a very shallow sprinkler system where I will be doing the install; 1 to 2 inches deep in many areas. Is there a method that any of you guys use to till over the tops of shallow poly pipe while not pulling any of it up or damaging sprinkler heads? I really don't want to get into replacing the sprinkler parts, but I want to have good ground contact for the sod.
  2. lugnut#6

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    use a sod cutter to remove the existing turf. as far as the sprinklers go.youll do more damage with the boxblade spreading the topsoil than u will prolly do with the sod cutter.i rented a sod cutter for aabout 40.00 a day here in ms.fixing brokin pipe is ez just dont damage the heads(15.00 apeace).pipe is a couple of bucks for 10'.if ya sever the pvc pipe just dig back bout 5' so u can flex the pvc to get the couplings to slide on.poly pipe is even ezer to fix.DO NOT use compresion fittings.they WILL leak with time no matter who says they for the low wet area remember st augistine likes moist will grow where other grass wont in regards to moisture.if ya cut the control wires to the valve use those grease tube type connectors to splice it back.

    ps i bought my sod from woerner tuff over by foly al. great folks good sod and great price
  3. teeca

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    question; can you install drain tile (corigated 4" pipe) to help control flooding/standing water?
    on the removal of old grass/weeds; can you spray the existing ground cover? i.e round up? this will only kill the existing vegatation, then install sod. i do that up here in indiana on new installs (housing additions).

    on the sod cutter, i bought mine at a rental store used, got a great deal too.
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    lugnut, do you work at a deli, because that is baloney. I used 3" compression couplings to repair the irrigation system on a golf course for over 8 yrs and NEVER had a leak. This was a schedule 80, 125 psi system. Like with anything, if you don't do it correctly you'll have problems.

  5. lugnut#6

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    Messages: 404 maybe i exagerrated alittle :)
    the ones u get from your local supply house for lite commercial\residental use ....STINK!

    3" and 125 psi required a bit heavier grade of fitting...didnt it?

    sorry if i sounded to brash earlier
  6. illday

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    $40 a day!!!
    It cost me $70 for a half day rental the other day.
  7. Grassmechanic

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    lugnut - I use KBI or Flo-Control brand compression fittings. They are schedule 40 and they are available in all sizes up to 3", I believe. When giving advice to folks on this forum, you should be as truthful as possible. If somone asks for something you're not sure of, please don't give false info out. I'm sure you wouldn't want that done to you. Thanks.

  8. lugnut#6

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    well...honestly i still stand by my statement that it is better to replace a broken section with a new stick of pvc and some glue.
    and i know dozens of plumbers and irrigation specialist that will there was nothing false about anything i said.
    guess some are more concerned about quality than profit... ;)
  9. Grassmechanic

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    reread your original post. You stated compression fittings always leak. That is false. Don't try to spin by saying one way to repair a leak is better than the other. I've ran into many "repairs" with bad glue joints that leaked.

  10. lugnut#6

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    true..bad installation of anything will fail..but..respectfully..i disagree.the rubber o rings in a compression fitting will alway break down faster than the rest of the pvc will leak eventually,maybe not soon, but as sure as the sun rises it will someday go out before a properly installed glue job.
    if,and i said if,that fitting blows you will end up with more time and money invested on that job than it would have cost to do it without the fitting.
    the rather inflamitory context of your post isnt necessary ether.
    if you cant disagree like an adult then save it for someone else.

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