Help, Hustler Super or Trim Star

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    Sorry for the repost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Help, Hustler Super or Trim Star
    Tomorrow I was going down to buy a TrimStar 48"/17 Hydro
    I demoed it and like it a lot
    and I plan on running a proslide on it.
    Out the door = 4599.00

    Got a call from another dealer (same distance) who said he had a couple "Supers".
    48"/23. Said he bought them specifically for New England Hills.
    Electric start
    Out the door= 6550.00

    Is the Supers that much better of a machine?
    Does anyone regret getting the TrimStar over the Super?
    Any input is appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    I really want to run this machine with a Proslide or Bull rider
    since the Hustler Sulky/Striper is not getting great reviews.
    It does lay down one hell of a stripe though.

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