Help I have some Loud Roaring from the deck

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Florida 5 Star, Aug 6, 2004.

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    I have a LZHP 48 that is making a god awful roaring noise coming from the deck when I engage the blades. I have checked the belt and pullies they seem to be ok but I have a question when I remove the belt and spin the individual blades 2 seem fine and one makes a squeel like it needs grease and the chase re packing and wobbles when you play with it. I think the spindle is shot but the mower is less than 2 years old and only has 216 hours on it. I have never hit any thing that has caused the blades to break or stop ( I did his a soft ball and It went about 200 feet through a window) but Will it be covered under warranty?
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    Forida 5 Star,

    The spindles are covered by the 3 year warranty. This first year is parts and labor and the 2nd and 3rd year are parts only.



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